Christmas Decorations: What Ladder Do I Need?


Christmas Decorations

We’re firmly in December now, and it’s safe to say we’re all getting excited for the Christmas period. One way you can make yourself feel festive is to turn your house into Santa’s grotto.

Outdoor Decorations

Hanging decorations on the outside of your house is a great way to brighten up the street. However, putting the decorations up can be a bit of a challenge unless you have a suitable ladder to hand.

If you’re hanging lights outside a bungalow or summer house, you might not need a long ladder to get the job done. Something like an aluminum step ladder will be lightweight, sturdy, and easy to move around, so it is ideal for hanging outdoor lights at a low level.

Putting lights and decorations on a two or three-story house will require something a little longer. In this scenario, you’re better off choosing an extension ladder that can be leaned against the house while you work.

Sometimes, there’s an electrical risk in the location you’re hanging lights, for example, near an overhead power line. In this scenario, we’d recommend using a non-conductive fiberglass ladder to protect you at all times. You can usually find fiberglass step and extension ladders to keep you safe at every height.

Finally, we come to the decorations that require you to get on the roof. These could be chimney lights or a sleigh complete with eight reindeer to pull it through the night sky. Either way, you’ll need a roof ladder if you want to head onto your roof safely. Roof ladders have a curved end that hooks over your roof for an extra-secure grip.

Indoor Decorations

Many people don’t bother with outdoor Christmas decorations, but almost everyone puts Christmas decorations up inside! Whether you’ve got an especially tall tree or you want to hang lights in the stairwell, there’s a ladder that can help you.

For reaching the top of the tree, a small platform like a hop up might suffice. These small platforms are a great investment because they have a large surface area and can be used for painting and decorating later in the year.

Really, really tall Christmas trees might require something a bit more substantial. That’s where aluminum step ladders come into play again. They’re so easy to move around the house and tend to be the perfect height for reaching the corners of your rooms – perfect if you’ve got mistletoe to hang!

If you’re looking for a ladder that will do the job inside and outside your home, a combination ladder might be the best option for you. Combination ladders are ideal for working on stairs and can also be re-configured for use as a step or extension ladder.

So, if you’re ready to give your house a Christmas makeover, make sure you have the right ladder for the job!

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