Christmas Living Room Decoration Ideas For 2019


As Christmas is getting closer, we have all been feeling that warm excitement. We are starting to think about the presents and the way we are going to decorate our homes.

If you need fresh ideas on the living room decorations, the following ones will surely amaze you.

Make The Fireplace The Focus


A Christmas fireplace is easily the most recognizable Christmas image after the Christmas tree. It should be decorated to the last inch, with all the usual accompanying details. First of all, prepare it for presents by hanging stockings and lighted garlands, add a few pine boughs to the mantel and, of course, light the fire. Don’t be afraid to use more significant decorative items around the fireplace to make it the focus of the entire living room.

Use The Living Room Colour Palette

Living Room Colour Palette

If your living room decor and colors have been carefully chosen, then why spoil it? No one says you need to stick to red and green when it comes to Christmas decorations. Instead, the dominant colors of the living room can be your base for inspiration. Decorate the tree in the dominant colors, as well as the rest of the room. That way, they won’t look out of place, and you’ll achieve fluidity of space.

Display Holiday Artwork

Display Holiday Artwork

To add class to the holiday period, hand paintings, photographs, and other artwork with the Christmas and winter themes. You can opt for art by famous artists or the local ones. Alternatively, you can create some artwork yourself. The best thing about holiday artwork is that you can find various artwork that will match any style and colors, so it will all look tightly connected.

Introduce White Christmas Into Space

Introduce White Christmas Into Space

Monochromatic schemes in Christmas decor is trendy because it looks classy without any effort at all. Moreover, a soothing color makes the whole room feel airy and spacious. Maybe the best monochromatic look would be the white gaze. Why not create the feeling you’re outside in the snow, surrounded by the peaceful effect of this color, feeling warm and cozy at the same time? White tree ornaments, white blanket, and decorative cushions, white hanging socks, etc. It will be a pleasant change.

Decorate The TV

Decorate The TV

In most living rooms, the TV takes up a significant amount of space, partially becoming the focus of the room. This is why you need to pay special attention to it and its area when you start decorating the room. Most households have tv wall mounts installed, as they are the most practical ones and occupy less space, so add decorations around them. If there’s a TV cabinet under the TV, then place two big Christmas glass lamps on each end. If the console isn’t full enough, then add hanging lights to frame the TV, for example, lanterns, which look both dreamy and retro.

Go Glamorous

Go Glamorous Christmas Decor

If you’re more on the glamorous side, then Christmas is the time to play with metallics. You can create a frosty effect in the living room by using gold and silver decorations. These colors bring the seasonal glam and sparkle that we are craving throughout the whole year. Don’t hesitate to push the boundaries – let the tree be covered with silvery frost, add bronze or gold chandeliers, choose silver decorative pillows, and make it all sparkle wherever possible.

Show Off Your Creativity Through Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments are not reserved for the tree only. There are so many ways to be creative with them. For example, you can use a glass vase as the central piece, add it to a garland or hang it to the window or drape. No matter where you place Christmas ornaments, they will add the holiday spirit to the room, so think out of the box when it comes to places to place them. Finally, you can make your ornaments from any material you like, whether it comes from nature (branches, leaves, berries) or your home (made of paper, cotton, or any other fabric or item). So, whether it’s twigs, pinecones, or wooden trinkets – you can make your magic if you have the will and the time.

Group Several Trinkets Together

Group Several Trinkets Together

We all have lots of holiday trinkets we have been collecting over the years, so why not display them differently this year? Make small displays of them in several areas and corners of the room to achieve a stronger effect. The areas include counters, tabletops, the fireplace, and shelves – they are ideal for the group of tiny trinkets to spread the holiday spirit.

Final Comment

The most important thing when decorating the living room is to mind the style of the room and the personalities of the family members. If you are all cheerful and quirky, let the decorations follow the fashion. If you all prefer peace during the holiday season, then let the decorations reflect that peaceful, warm coziness.

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