Clash Of Homes: Preparing Your Humble Abode For Rental



Are you thinking of putting your house up for rental purposes? The number of renters in the USA has been steadily increasing in the past years. In 2017, statistics showed that there are 43 million housing units in the USA occupied by tenants. That number is an excellent motivation for you to rent out your house, too.

A better-looking home can attract better tenants, so make your house as clean and beautiful as much as you can manage. It will also keep the current tenants and lower your vacancy rate, says Penmar Management. Read on for excellent tips on how to get ready for a pending house rental, and make your house a top choice for tenants in your area.

Do an Overall House Inspection

Before you do anything, do a thorough house inspection. Take note of the areas which need urgent attention and other house parts that need replacement.

Check for House Safety

Safety should be one of your priorities. You should make your house as safe as possible for potential tenants.

  • House Locks

If you’ve lived with other people as a former partner or friend before, you should change the bolts in the house. If you use coded locks, change the codes as well. It’ll give your tenant the satisfaction of knowing that the house is safe from intruders.

Clean Up the House

Clean Up the House

Tenants wouldn’t want to live in a dirty or rundown house. Before you place your home for rent, clean your home in the best way possible.

  • Carpet

Carpets can accumulate dirt and grime from years of use. It requires regular cleaning to maintain it in excellent condition. It needs additional care if you have pets in the house. Make sure to clean or wash the rugs in your home before you endorse it for rent.

You can clean your carpet yourself if you have the time and necessary cleaning equipment. Vinegar or baking soda mixed with water can clean up most stains. You can also buy commercial carpet cleaning agents. If you’re busy, you can look for professional carpet cleaners.

  • Air Filter

It’s necessary to clean out the air filters in the house. Filters remove dust and bacteria from the air. Dirty air filters can result in the blower fan working harder, leading to uneven air distribution inside the house.

Dirt buildup on filters can also lead to mold or bacteria growth because accumulated dirt can gather moisture, an excellent breeding place for bacteria. Aside from the air screens, you also have to check the vents and surrounding areas.

  • Fans

Clean the fans inside the house. Check if all fans are working correctly and still in excellent condition.

  • Light Bulbs

If your lightbulbs are nearing the end of their lifespan, replace them with energy-efficient bulbs. For outdoor lights, wipe the dirt from the surface and remove debris that might be stuck on it. Dirt can dim the lights outside, and bright lights are always better for homes.

  • Interior Cleaning

Clean up cobwebs and dirt clinging to your ceiling and walls. It makes your house look old and dirty, so clean the rooms as thoroughly as you can. Check room corners for dust, including the floor area under your furniture.

  • Exterior Cleaning

Clean up your lawn by removing weeds and wild plants. You should also mow the grass, prune your trees, and clean up the leaves and branches. Add flowering plants if you want. Tenants will see the exterior area first, so it’s essential that your lawn and surrounding areas look fresh and inviting.

Find A Property Management Firm

Property Management Firm

If you think that your house is ready, your next step is finding someone who can help you get tenants. You can scout yourself or find a property management company. These companies will assist you in finding worthy tenants for your new and improved home.


Now that more people agree with renting, it might be time for you to join and become a landlord yourself. Make the necessary improvements to your houses, such as interior and exterior cleaning, so that it will look beautiful and presentable for potential tenants. Add safety features as well to make it more attractive to your clients. After you have done all this, and have tenants living in your property, have convenient tools to ease your tenants’ communication. Please make use of credible apps like DialMyCalls, a property management tool that will allow you to send that landlord text message to all your tenants at once, making it easy to coordinate them.

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