Classic Antiques: Ideas to Incorporate Unique Pieces in Your Décor

On May 8, 2015 by Brooke Chaplan

Whether you ran across an amazing old find at the local flea-market, or your mother left you that piece of antique furniture that has been in the family for centuries, there are all sorts of ways to use antiques to decorate the interior of your home. Even if you are not an expert interior decorator, there are some simple stylistic rules you can follow to avoid awkward looking decorative issues. Here are four tips to guide your decorating efforts when using classic antiques in your modern home.

Giving Space to Bigger Pieces

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You may have found an old-style pull out writing desk, complete with attached upper cabinets for nick-knacks, and thought it would be a nice addition to your home. Although your living room is spacious and the most likely place for this gem, make certain you don’t make the mistake of stuffing it in a corner and crowding other items around it. Larger antique items need to find more centralized locations and should not be butted up next to other pieces. Giving this antique some space to breathe, and stand alone is one of the best ways to make it stand out as a conversation piece. If you are having a home specially designed, make certain your Regina home renovations builders understand how much space your antiques will require for your decorating endeavors.

Avoid Conflicting Corners

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Generally, when buying antiques for a main room, such as a living room, you will want to avoid establishing different awkward styles and themes from the antiques in the corners of the room you are decorating. Pieces from radically different eras, or that have no similarities tend to create a decorative clash. You want pieces that relate and complement each other for the right effect with your prize antiques.

Using Common Sense Ideas

Classic Antiques Ideas to Incorporate Unique Peices in Your Decor 2

If you check out decorating magazines, you will notice attention to certain details is common in a lot of decorative themes. The first thing to consider when decorating with antiques, is to ensure there is a degree of color matching within reasonable parameters. If the bulk of your antiques are a given color, such as a light blond, sticking a dark black desk in the corner of the room is simply going to make that desk stick out like a sore thumb. Another thing to consider is the symmetry of placement. Matching tables centered around a similar colored couch looks and feels normal, because it provides the viewer with a sense of symmetry. When the symmetry of antique placement is off, it will make a room seem odd to even the untrained eye.

Toronto Basement Renovations

When it comes to decorating your home with antiques, it ultimately depends on how you want them to be displayed. There are some interior decorating standards professionals use to help a room to conform to what many consider to be aesthetically pleasing. Alternatively, to be a trend setter, you will want to operate outside of convention to drive the unique look you are attempting to achieve. The important thing to remember, is to arrange your antiques to achieve the look and feel you want your home to exude.

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