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In festive season at times a stray cracker can enter your home and boom can be devastating. Also during festive season people smoking on your couch or lounge can leave smoky smell. In cases where you have clean damage caused by smoke there is tremendous cleaning to be done. Here are steps to clean the home free from smoke:

Safety Equipment for Face and Gloves

Put proper safety equipment for face and gloves for hands.

Clean your home promptly as longer the things, household items sit with the smoke residues and smell it will be more difficult to remove smoke damage.

Ventilate your home well by opening the windows and running fans this is smoke can permeate in area easily so cleaning will be effective when you aired it out well.

Throw away food which has been exposed to smoke.

Brass and copper items need to clean with specific brass and copper cleaner solution.

Clean the Soot with Vacuum Cleaner

Clean the soot with vacuum cleaner, soot gets into carpet or any place easily and stains it and needs to be cleaned before you clean other things. Use the TSP solution for cleaning soot effectively.

Clean the appliances in the home which have been affected with smoke with the disinfectant thoroughly.

If the room has air conditioner then change the air filter as lot of soot gets accumulated in filter.

Clean the areas of wall which have been discolored by smoke. Paint thinner or rubbing alcohol can be very helpful. And repaint in case there is too much stain.

Wash or dry clean the linens which have been exposed to smoke. Use essential oils which can add fragrance to the linen as well as this helps in remove stink of smoke.

Furniture Cleaning by Vacuum Cleaner

Furniture too can be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner first and then add the essential oils to remove the stink of smoke.

Books on display too will need cleaning, focus on edge and spine of books as these are most exposed areas. Handle gently, clean with dry sponge.

Smoke damage can cause soot, unpleasant odor, and discoloration. When cleaning you have to clean all these three out.

Don’t use water based cleaning agents for smoke damaged walls as they are mostly ineffective and spread are of discoloration.

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