Cleaning Up The House Quickly After Holidays


Don’t you love this time of the year when everything around you is so jolly and decorated, and people are in a festive mood? Ah, yes, the magic of Christmas stays long after it is over. But more joyful days await us as we are slowly getting ready for celebrating New Year’s Eve! And that means more parties are upon us. If you plan to throw a New Year’s party at home, we are sure you’ve come up with some pretty cool ideas. But if you’re already biting your nails worrying how in the world you are going to get your house into its previous state, let us share some tips for cleaning up the house quickly after holidays and make it easy for you.

Forget About Procrastination

Cleaning Up The House Quickly After Holidays

The worst enemy of every job started is procrastination. We know cleaning is not exactly the ideal way of spending a free afternoon, but it is an inevitable thing. You know that this is something you will have to do sooner or later. So why not sooner? The sooner you begin, the sooner you will make your living room cozy again, and the rest of the house, as well. Perhaps, it will help to begin with the most tedious and challenging part. You’ll see that, once you are done with that part, your spirits will be lifted. And we are sure that you’ll feel more energized and ready to cope with the rest of the tasks.

Do Not Let Things Pile Up

Taking Action

Although you will have more cleaning up to do, that doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect the house and let the pile of mess multiply. Cleaning here and there as things will help you not spend additional time, and that will contribute to cleaning up the house quickly after holidays. If you invite a lot of people over to your house for a party or to spend some nice time during the holidays, there’s a chance that some mess will be made. So, if something spills, do not let it dry. Just remember how hard it is to remove stains, and it gets worse if left overnight. Don’t be lazy, grab a kitchen towel and clean that. You’ll be done in 10 seconds. One step after another, and you’ll be closer to cleaning the house swiftly.

Check The Furniture And Carpets

A Cat On The Carpet

When you begin a complete cleanup, do not forget to inspect the furniture to see whether something got dirty or stained by food or spilled wine and beverages. Also, check in what state your bathroom survived the holidays. If we conducted a poll asking which is your least favorite room to clean, we’re pretty much sure that the most answers would go either in favor of the kitchen or the bathroom. Luckily, nowadays, you can apply many useful bathroom cleaning hacks that will surely help you tidy up this part of the house effortlessly.

In case you have a pet, you know what to do. Make sure to clean the carpets to remove pet hair thoroughly. Alternatively, if you have pets, especially furry ones, maybe you could think about removing the rugs and carpets, at least during the holidays. That will save you a lot of time!

Get Enough Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags

One of the best ways to tidy the house fast after the holidays is to have enough bags for waste disposal. When cleaning a house, and not only after the holidays, there’s always a ton of things we can throw out, and what slows us down is the fact that we usually need a lot of time to pick all of it up and put it in garbage bags. But this time, you can be prepared. As you know that this task will await you, don’t let it catch you unprepared.

Recruit Help

Friends Sitting In The Living Room

More people means more pairs of hands, which can help you with cleaning up the house quickly after holidays. If you live with your family, then every member of the family should be assigned a task. Your children can begin with their bedrooms, and you and your partner should make a deal on how to split the rest of the responsibilities. Hopefully, you also have a couple of friends to invite over to give you a hand.

However, if you are moving out soon after the holidays, use this opportunity to prepare for the upcoming relocation. For example, go through your closet and decide what clothes you will bring along and which ones will you donate, sell, or throw. For instance, if you move to a place such as Plantation, FL, you can be sure that you won’t need too many warm clothes or jackets, as the weather is mostly warm throughout the year.

Saying Goodbye To Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

We know it’s always a sad moment when parting with Christmas trees and decorations after the holidays. But, since you have to do it, do it right. Those of you who have a real Christmas tree, and not a plastic one, should be careful about the fallen pine needles. So, be careful removing the ornaments so as not to provoke more needles falling. Another thing to be careful about is how you’re storing the decorations and Christmas lights. If you don’t want them to get tangled, you can wrap them around some crumpled newspaper or a bottle. If you used decorative garlands, you could use a duster or a hair dryer to dust them off.

Figure 5 Be careful with removing Christmas decorations. AltTag: Christmas Tree

As for windows, to remove fake snow, vinegar is your best friend. Mix some with a little bit of dishwashing liquid and rubbing alcohol, spray it on a microfiber cloth, and you’ll see what wonders it does.

So, if cleaning up the house quickly is just an overture to moving out soon, make sure to call for additional help in the form of a professional moving company. For the state of Florida, the unsurpassed company is Moving Kings Van Lines FL, without any doubt. As soon as you are done with cleaning, schedule the appointment with them or research their website to check their offers.

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