Clear Signs That Indicate That the House Foundation Needs Restumping


Every homeowner is aware of the importance of the foundations of every property. If you want the house standing tall and strong for ages, you better make sure that the foundations are well-taken care of. Most of the old homes in Australia have foundations of timber. There are timber stumps that support the whole house. Timber wood is supposed to be highly resistant to termites and rot. But eventually, after decades of endurance, even the strongest of the stumps give way. So, before these old stumps buckle in, you better get restumping house services.

Restumping is the process in which the old timber stumps are replaced with new and strong ones. The problem with getting restumping house services is the question of when to get them. Foundation defects are not as easily detected as a failed power supply system. There have been cases where restumping needs have gone unnoticed, and that resulted in the buckling down of the whole house. If you want to avoid this, you should make sure that you do not miss any sign around the house that indicates that your foundation needs to be restumped. These signs hide in plain sight and are as easy to spot as they are easy to be missed.

Here Is A List Of All Those Signs That You Need To Look Out For:

1. Pin Holes In The Welding:


All the beams of the building are welded to the stumps. When the foundation shifts, pinholes start to appear in these welds, indicating that the stumps are moving. It means that the house needs restumping services.

 2. Creaking Floors:

Creaking Floors

A crooked floor or a creaking floor is a clear indication of a deteriorating foundation. In the case of stumps, the floors start to creak when a stump has settled. Also, bowed or soft floors indicate that the stump has rotted or dislodged underneath.

 3. Uneven Floors:

Uneven Floors

Place a marble on the floor. If it seems to roll without any need of external force, the story is slopped. Also, if you roll a marble and it stops or changes its course abruptly, this again indicates discrepancies in the floor alignment. Uneven floors mean that the foundations are starting to rot rapidly. So, call up a restumping house company before the foundation collapses completely.

 4. Unaligned Doors And Windows:

Unaligned Doors And Windows

If the doors creak and the windows do not shut properly or get jammed for no reason, this is due to the uneven flooring caused because of the failing foundation stumps. Derek from Dawson Property Management has seen this problem arise consistently with homeowners who do not regularly inspect and maintain their homes.

 5. Cracks In The Walls:

Cracks In The Walls

If you keep finding cracks in your walls, all those cracks that were never there before, then you have all the reasons to be alarmed. If the breaks keep getting more substantial or new ones keep appearing out of nowhere, then it is a car sign of an uneven foundation caused due to failing stumps underneath. Before the cracks escalate, you better call experts to offer you house restumping services.

6. Floods:


In the event of floods, a lot of water gets collected in the foundation around the house stumps. If this water stays there for a longer time, the timber stumps may eventually get damaged. You may not notice the water ledged within the foundation once the floodwaters recede. But this lodged water can do all the harm to the foundation of your house. So, after the floodwaters recede, you better get your stumps checked out by restumping experts.

All these signs may not mean any reason for alarm. But, these signs should not go unnoticed either. You need to get restumping house services as soon as possible.

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  1. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about her interest in getting a house restumping. She wasn’t sure when would be a good time to have this done and needed some advice. It would help her a lot to know that floods are a wonderful reason to look into this service.

  2. I do agree with you that for the house to stand tall and strong over time, it is better to ensure that the foundation is properly taken cared of. Since my father’s farmhouse seems to buckle lately because it is simply made from ordinary wood, he gets to see the need for restumping. He will seek the service of those in that business for the right material to use and how to do it fast so he can use that for his break times as well.


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