Cohesive Styling: 4 Tips for Choosing Flooring and Cabinet Combinations


Cohesive Styling: 4 Tips for Choosing Flooring and Cabinet Combinations

Homeowners are focusing now more than ever on having a beautiful, well-decorated kitchen. The first step most homeowners take to create a well-appointed kitchen is to choose their flooring and cabinet design. It can often be challenging to visualize precisely how something as powerful as your cabinet selection can impact your entire kitchen’s look and feel. You can utilize the four tips below to choose the perfect kitchen floor and cabinets to make your kitchen feel exceptionally cozy with a cohesive style that brings all the elements together.

Start With The Base Styles Of The Non-Changing Essentials

Your first step in creating a cohesive kitchen décor is to determine what you would like to see as far as the base elements of your kitchen. This design scheme should start with the features that can’t be easily changed: the flooring, countertops, and cabinets. While you may want to add bright accents of yellow or robin’s egg blue to perk up your kitchen during spring, you may decide to bring in rich reds to accent the kitchen during the holidays and winter months.

Start with Flooring Type, Then Move to Color and Style

When designing your kitchen, start from the floor up. Your first big choice will be to select the kitchen flooring type. You can work with your designer or contractor to discuss laying down laminate or hardwood, adding vinyl flooring, or tile installation of a wide variety of options. After you have selected the type of flooring you would like in your kitchen; you can focus on color and style. The color of the floor will set the base tone for the whole kitchen.

Determine A Color Palette

After you’ve chosen the type of floor you want to install, you will move on to selecting the color of the flooring. This will set the tone and ambiance for the entire kitchen and will flow with the chosen cabinets. Here are a few tips for selecting flooring and cabinet coloring:

  • Tan flooring creates a more traditional kitchen fee
  • Light tile tones such as white or grey make the kitchen feel more spacious and is great for smaller kitchens
  • Deeper colors such as red and brown create an overall feeling of warmth and comfort

Choose Cabinets That Compliment The Floors

Cabinets should be directly complementary to the flooring to create balance. For example, if you have a light-colored floor, cabinets don’t necessarily have to be light-colored, but they should have a cool hue that pairs with the light color of the floors. If you have warm, rich-colored floors, you will want to choose deep-colored cabinets.

By thinking of your flooring and cabinets as the kitchen decor’s “foundation,” you will leave room to re-decorate and transition your kitchen flooring and cabinets that freely. Choosing flooring and cabinets that complement each other and create an overall look and feel you will help to create a lasting look of a well-appointed kitchen.

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