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Choosing colors is such a difficult decision. To help you with color guidance for personal as well as for office space such that you can also have enhancement of luck with old principles of Vastu Shastra. Know which colors are auspicious and which may not be suitable in your home. Know about the color practices as per Vastu Shastra, which will definitely help you in making decisions regarding colors.

As per Vastu Shashtra, as far as the color black is considered, it is considered inauspicious, and colors like red, white, yellow, green, and pink are considered auspicious. These shades are overall considered as auspicious.

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Now depending on the location of rooms in which direction they are, the colors are recommended in Vastu. The best colors for the porch are yellow, white, and lighter shades. It is recommended that you avoid darker shades.

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Vastu believes that colors have healing powers. As per Vastu, if you have shades and hues of the red color when a person is differing from any blood ailments such as anemia, body weakness, circulatory deficiencies, colds, baldness, and circulatory deficiencies. Red is able to stimulate brain waves, increase the heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration assists in burning fat and reducing weight.

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Pink, which is also a hue of red, is an appetite suppressant and is able to relax muscles, relieve tension, and soothe and even calm tempers.

If you have the bedroom located in the northwestern direction, then paint it in white color, and if the bedroom is located in some other direction, then you can search for hues of yellow, green, and pastel shades.

You can color the master bedroom pink as it is an auspicious color.

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Go for a white color ceiling as it looks best as well s is able to attract positive energy. As per Vastu, the extremely bright colors are not to be used; rather, go for cool and light hues for painting the walls of your home.

Vastu suggests that never put pictures or any photographs which have birds like owl, crow, or depict war, or has sad faces and erotic pictures too are not good and must not be displayed or used as décor in the home as these have negative effects on the mental health of people who are residing in this home.

Now the kitchen, which is an integral part of the home and needs attention because it is the center of the home to keep it happy and peaceful. The kitchen must be vibrant. A combination of a sunny shade of yellow color and a mix with the theme of white is said to be too good. Have more open space as it adds extra luck.

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The study room of your home can be done in light orange as it’s very auspicious and will be able to enhance wishing power and support speedy progress of the mind. The learner can use the pyramid cape as it proves to be beneficial as it is able to embellish memory power and even absorption.

Another color that can be used is a green color which is able to dispel negative energy and is able to create an ambiance that is suitable for learning.

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Office walls must be colored in light pastel shades. Dark color makes short-tempered. In-office never had paintings, pictures, photographs, or sculptures which have carnivorous animals, setting sun, still water, sad event, weeping children, or drowning ship on walls of office as per Vastu beliefs as they are considered as inauspicious.

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