Commercial Pest Control Methods For Your Business


Commercial Pest Control

When it comes to your commercial property, pests can be a bad thing. No one wants to see them around, and it can cause health issues as well. Most commercial properties will need to follow certain rules to help maintain their buildings and to keep the pests away as much as possible. Learning the best commercial pest control methods for your business will make a big difference in how easy it is to keep rodents and other pests as far away as possible. There are different pest control methods available for you to use including:


If you have a pest problem of mice and rats rather than insects, then you may want to look at a rodent control and prevention method like setting a trap. When it comes to these rodents, options like mouse traps and box traps will work the best. These traps will capture the pest until you have a chance to dispose of them.


Baits are going to be used with traps to help control rodents and insect rodents. Some baits will lure the pest to the trap that will contain them. It is possible for them to be either item that you find in your pantry or pesticides that will harm them. Another type of bait will be less about luring pests into a trap and more about attacking the source. These baits will entice the pest to feed on the poison before they bring them back to the colony to poison and eliminate the entire population.


Insecticides and pesticides can be used by professionals to help control and keep the pests out of the property. It is possible to find these at some of the hardware stores that are in your town or another similar retailer as well. If you do use these, take a look at some of the instructions to see how they work and what steps you need to take using them. Use these carefully and make sure they are safe for pets and others in the home if you have children.

Using Beneficial Insects

If you have a pest problem with insects, then it can seem like a bad idea to release more bugs onto the property. But there are some insects that are beneficial to your commercial property that will also get rid of the pests. You can add these to your grass near the building and let them do their job at preventing the pests from sticking around.

Commercial pest control can be important to maintaining your reputation and keeping your employees and customers safe. Whether you are looking for rodent control and prevention or you need to remove another pest like ants or flying insects, working with the right professionals will make all of the difference. Sprague Pest Control Solutions can provide you with the help you need to control pests and rodents so that your commercial property is safe at all times. Take a look at some of our services and see how we can help!

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