Common Causes of a Blocked Duct in Your Aurora HVAC System


Have you noticed lately that the temperatures in different areas of your home do not feel the same? Are your energy costs steadily rising? There are several reasons that you may experience uneven temperatures; however, one of the most common issues with a ducted air conditioning system is a blockage or an obstruction inside your ductwork.

Preventative Maintenance The Benefits of Maintaining Your HVAC System

Some of the most common causes of ductwork blockages are highlighted here.

A Blocked Vent

Begin by looking at the actual vents. Are large pieces of furniture in front of them, blocking the air from flowing through the home? Do they look dusty or dirty? If so, this is likely the issue. You can resolve this by moving furniture or simply cleaning the vents.

A Dirty Air Filter

It is important to change air filters regularly to maintain energy efficiency, as well as good air quality in your home. If the filters become clogged and dirty, they will hinder the airflow or may cause the system to circulate dirty air, lowering the overall air quality. By changing your air filters regularly, you can avoid these issues.

Damaged or Leaking Ductwork

Look down your ductwork as far as possible with a flashlight. Look for any type of opening or lose seams in the ducts. It is not very uncommon for your ducts to become damaged or disconnected, especially as they become older. If you have flex ducts, which are created from a flexible material that is stretched over continuous spirals of the coil, they will be even more susceptible to this type of problem.

In some cases, the issue can be resolved by replacing the duct tape that is used to hold the seams together; however, in more extreme cases, the dust may have to be replaced entirely. If you are unsure if there is an issue with the actual ducts, or are unable to replace the duct tape yourself, you should call a professional service. These holes or loose seams can cause inefficient heating or cooling and allow dust and other debris into your interior air.

When you are knowledgeable about the issues that can cause clogged ducts, you will be able to ensure this does not occur in your home. Inspecting the ducts regularly will ensure that the air flows freely and that the air quality in your home remains good. Next time you are having any type of airflow or quality issue, using the tips here will help you solve the underlying problem. Hiring professionals like Cool-Aid Mechanical is the best way to get the ducts cleaned.

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