Common Garage Door Installation Mistakes


Garage doors are supposed to be heavy and strong, as they protect your vehicle from burglar attacks and external dust. Therefore, it is essential for you to hire a professional to get the door installed. Of course, garage door installation can turn out to be a costly affair, but a garage door repair professional knows what he’s doing, as he has been installing doors for a long time now.

In contrary, if you have not researched or tried installation before, then you’ve to start from the square one. Making a small mistake while Furnishing a Home or installing garage doors can be a nightmarish experience. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult a garage door repair in your neighborhood for installation of your door. However, if you want to install the garage door all by yourself, then following are some of the common mistakes you need to avoid.


Garage Door Tracks
After installing the door, if you notice that the garage door isn’t opening or closing properly, then it should act as a signal that something is amiss. In most cases, such garage door problems arise due to tracks or springs. Generally, when the door isn’t opening, people tend to exert pressure with all their might, but while doing so, they end up making it worse. And, when this doesn’t work, they resort to affordable garage door repair. By the time they do so, there’s already small cracks in the metal tracks or alignment issues. Therefore, clean the tracks, check the springs, but if it’s a serious issue, get professional help.

Nails or Screws:

Nails or Screws
Generally, nails bend or break after regular usage. Now, most of us have a preconceived notion that screws are costly, so we prefer nails over screws for attaching the garage door to the frames or tracks. While it’s true that nails will save you some money in the short run, but in the longer run, this amounts to severe issues. Would you rather save a few dollars and cause excessive damage to your garage door or spend a few extra bucks and avoid major issues in the future.


Overhead Door Repair
Overhead door repair issues occur primarily due to our impatience. Most of us have a bad habit of driving into or from the garage while the garage door is still moving. We can’t patiently wait for just a few seconds and let the door open properly. This not just damages your garage door, but leaves permanent dents on your vehicle too. Generally, these doors are too heavy, so they leave a huge impact on the door. The only solution is to wait patiently until the door has rolled up completely.

Installing Alone:

Garage Door Ideas
While DIY sounds like a cool option, but you need to avoid installing the garage door alone. In fact, the springs of the door can be dangerous or fatal. The garage door itself is too heavy, so it is advisable to get a garage door repair professional for installation of the door. This will not just ensure that the garage door is installed properly, but also reduce the possibility of fatal accidents while installation.


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