Common Heating And Air Duct Cleaning Problems


Air Duct Cleaning Problems

Are you having issues with your air conditioning? It might be time for an air duct replacement. There are a variety of things that might go wrong with your ducts, including air duct leaks. Many duct cleaners can help you with anything, even if it’s just an air duct cleaning.

Why Should Air Duct Cleaning Be Done?

It’s easy to overlook air ducts, mainly when they’re meant to be hidden. However, it’s critical to have your ductwork cleaned and maintained regularly to keep it running smoothly and prevent harm to the rest of your HVAC system. Ductwork collects material from your property over time, which can block the duct and limit airflow if not addressed. The conditioned air from the unit can’t reach where it needs to go because of dust, pet hair, and dander. Cleaning your ductwork every three to five years helps avoid junk accumulation and improves indoor air quality, making it easier to breathe in your house.

Signs Of Having Problem In Air Duct

The most crucial things to check for with your house and its air conditioning services are anything out of the norm. If you observe erratic air movement across rooms in your home, for example, there’s a high probability you have an issue with your air ducts in at least one of them.

Inconsistent air movement between rooms indicates that at least one of your air ducts is wholly or partially clogged unless you’ve closed one of your home’s air vents. That’s because your HVAC system is designed to circulate air through all open vents equally, and if the air isn’t going through one, you’ve got a problem that has to be addressed by an air duct cleaning service.

What Problems Can Occur In Air Ducts?

Air duct and heating are extremely important given the excellent season, and a disrupted supply of cool or hot air can become a severe issue. Most of the time, people neglect the basic needs of their appliances and consequently have to face difficult situations. However, if the necessities of an appliance are met, it will keep the device in line for optimal performance and increase its overall lifespan. That’s why you must read the user manual and follow strict guidelines to avoid common problems. Otherwise, you may require the assistance of a local air conditioning vents company. The following are the most common issues that you may encounter. Here are some of the most frequent air duct issues to look out for.

Inefficient Maintenance

Inefficient maintenance is one of the significant issues that can be heavy on your appliance and your pocket as well. When you don’t take care of your appliance, it starts consuming more energy over time and starts eating up your money silently. It can also reduce the functional life of your appliance; that’s why you should always have the contact of reliable technical support to take a quick look at your appliance. If you still have a valid warranty, then call technical support; otherwise, you might need help from air duct cleaning services, and it would be a lot expensive compared to the maintenance.

Dirty Filters

Dirty filters are the biggest reason for inefficient performance. You might have noticed that everything was working fine a couple of weeks ago, and after that, the efficiency started dropping considerably. It is a signal that your filters might need to be cleaned. The filter’s task is critical because it has to filter the inlet air before cooling it down. No matter how powerful a machine you have, if it is choked with dust and humidity, it’ll block the air supply and consequently, the efficiency drops as well. The unit starts consuming more power because it has to stay on for more hours.

Poorly Sealed Registers And Grills

Registers that aren’t properly sealed can cause a slew of issues. If the duct isn’t completely closed, air can be distributed in places it wasn’t meant to be. This could lead your AC unit to work extra to compensate for the temperature change, putting a lot of strain on it and shortening its lifespan. Because the unit is pumping more air than it needs to, you may end up paying a lot more utility bills due to this problem. Pests are more likely to enter the duct since it is open, causing even more damage.

Unusual Noises

Another problem that you might encounter is the presence of unusual noises when the appliance is turned on. Usually, such noises are present while the device is working and disappear when it turns off. Well, it is a type of problem that you probably will not encounter with a new device; if so, then you’d require the assistance of an expert. The same problem is common knowledge with old devices because they might face restricted movements due to rust and dust on the appliance. A regular oiling habit would help you big time to deal with this issue.

Airduct Leakage

Depending on the design, your AC system may be set up for failure before you ever turn it on. Heating, cooling, and your money may all be affected by poor design. It is better to fly from one location to another in the quickest amount of time and with the fewest obstacles possible. Sharp curves can limit airflow and put a load on your air conditioning and heating systems. Inadequate duct size might also raise your energy bill. Both of these design flaws might cause your system to overwork and drain your bank account.

Defective Pilot

You might have been in the same place as others when your heater turns off automatically when you have put it on auto mode. When you inspect, you find out there’s no issue with the gas supply, and everything seems fine. If you find yourself in a situation such as this one, you might want to check out the device’s pilot because due to rust or some other issue, it turns off. The pilot’s responsibility is to turn on the heater when you turn on the auto mode of the device. So, If the pilot is not working well, you might have to replace it to restore the device’s functionality.

Growth Of Molds

Mold and mildew can grow in ducts containing organic matter and a small amount of moisture. Because the air that circulates through your ducts may be humidified, all it takes is a tiny quantity of organic material to produce a significant mold problem, including foul odours and perhaps health issues. While metal ducts are generally unaffected, ducts made of sheetrock, drywall, or other carbon-based materials are more vulnerable.

An inspection of your ducts can reveal whether or not you have a mold problem, and an HVAC professional can also provide duct cleaning services, which will remove the mold and often coat the inside of your ducts with an anti-microbial substance that will prevent mold from taking root and growing any further.

Thermostat Malfunctioning

It is another common issue that HVAC owners might face regularly. The thermostat is an essential part of the heating system because it is used to trigger the auto mode. Its job is to sense the ambiance temperature and help the auto mode turn on or off the device for optimal performance and lower energy consumption. When you started getting a higher energy bill and didn’t make any bigger changes, you should probably check the appliance’s thermostat because it can rapidly consume a great deal of energy.

Wrong Placements Of Vents

The placement of vents in each room has a significant impact on the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. However, far too many builders and house designers fail to put these vents in the best possible location, either because of duct length (which is essential) or to reduce heat loss or intrusion. For optimal performance, vents should be positioned along external walls and near windows. If you have an issue with misaligned vents, you may be able to fix it by relocating them or adding new vents to assist disperse air more evenly.

Can Covid-19 Come Through Air Ducts?

You may be concerned about the virus’s propensity to spread through your air ducts, particularly if you haven’t had an air duct cleaning service visit your Minneapolis, MN house in a while. The bad news is that if your air duct hasn’t been cleaned correctly, the virus can survive in it and spread throughout your home.

The good news is that if you hire an air duct cleaning service to remove the dust and debris from your ducts, your chances of contracting the virus will be much reduced. According to Magazine Hubs, COVID-19 can’t live without a host for very long, and your chances of contracting the virus are significantly lower outside than they are indoors.


The common appliance issues have become quite common, and that’s why people keep using their appliances by mistakenly thinking it’s a natural behaviour. This behaviour is the use of inadequate appliances at home because sometimes the home is huge, but a smaller device is bought without giving it a thought that it might not be enough to satisfy your needs.

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