Common Methods Used For Erosion Control


No matter what type of project you’re building, a major component of the construction is shaping the land. But unfortunately, even with the proper planning and the right tools, the earth doesn’t always want to cooperate. One of the most significant examples of this stubbornness is soil erosion. The forces being exerted on the ground by equipment can cause it to shift in unpredictable ways. This can lead to serious environmental and logistical impacts that can throw your plans into chaos. For this reason, erosion control needs to be one of your highest priorities on the Jobsite.

Fortunately, there are numerous techniques that can be employed to prevent catastrophes caused by shifting soils. Which one is right for your particular project depends mostly on your location and the site conditions. For example, articulated concrete blocks make the most sense for sites located along waterways and drainage channels. Their interlocking design enables them to conform to the shape of the embankments and prevent the earth from sliding into the water.

Other solutions used in areas close to bodies of water include turbidity barriers. These geotextile membranes float on the surface of lakes, rivers, and streams to catch and collect soil that would otherwise end up contaminating them. For areas with severe slopes, soil nails are driven into the earth and capped with facings that hold everything in place to prevent slope failures. In areas where the terrain is flatter, access mats made from hardwood timbers provide a stable platform for heavy equipment. This prevents their weight from deforming the earth and causing erosion.

Preventing your Jobsite from getting away from you is a critical element of a successful build. To learn more about erosion control and how you can put it to work for you, take a look at the accompanying resource.

Erosion Control Infographic

Infographic by Yak Mat

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