Common Uses Of Earth Augers In The Garden


Earth Augers

Having a garden is a mixed pleasure. You get to enjoy the beauty of the flowers in the spring and potentially have the opportunity to grow your own vegetables. It would also help if you also dealt with weeds and the constant battle against the elements and debris.

That’s why you should get every tool possible to make the challenge easier to master. Earth augers are often overlooked but should be considered an essential tool for any garden. They have a significant number of practical uses in your garden.

What Is An Earth Auger?

An earth auger is like a large scale drill. It’s designed to penetrate the soil and, because it moves in a curling clockwise direction, it breaks through the soil while pushing the excess soil upward. That creates a home in the soil in the same way that a drill bit creates a home in the wood.

You’ll be surprised at how often you use an earth auger in your garden:

Creating A Well

Not everyone wants their own ell in the garden. However, an earth auger can drill deep into the ground and create a boring home. The hole can even be sleeved at the same time to ensure the hole remains open. If you drill deep enough, you’ll reach the water table and have water throughout the year. All you’ll need is a pump to bring the water to the surface, and you’ll never have to pay to water your plants again.

You can even add a water treatment works and use the water in your home. That’s one way of ensuring that your water quality is always good.

Termite Bait Stations

Termites can cause significant damage to any home as they chew through the wooden supports, flooring, and even your furniture. In many cases, you don’t know they are attacking until a lot of damage has already happened.

But, you can take preventative steps by placing termite bait stations in the ground around your home. The earth auger is the perfect tool to create the home. You can then add the bait box and allow the termites to poison themselves before they attack your home.

Post Planting

If you’re creating a fence in or around your garden, you’re going to need to put many posts into the ground. This can be hard work. You’ll have to dig each hole, out the post n, and possible concrete it in position.

The earth auger takes away much of the work. They create hoe for you. All you have to do is slide the post into position.

Planting Bulbs

Smaller earth augers are perfect for planting bulbs. The auger will quickly and efficiently make the number of homes you need to the right depth. You can then drop the bulbs in and let them grow.


If you need to mix compost with your soil, then the earth auger is a great tool. Because it has a drilling action, it will effectively take the material from the top of the soil, your compost, and bring it down into and through the soil.

If you’ve never considered an earth auger before, it’s time you did; it will become your favorite garden tool.

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