Complete Guide On Choosing The Right Parcel Boxes For Shipping


Right Parcel Boxes

Why is it important to choose the right parcel boxes for shipping? To answer the question, put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a minute.

You have probably ordered goods from an e-commerce platform. But, unfortunately, the waiting period for the goods to arrive seems to last a lifetime. Then, finally, the day comes, you run to your dropbox to pick your long-awaited items.

The excitement is palpable until you see your delivery. The package seems to have dents and is dirty. You also notice that the box seems smaller than the item you had ordered.

At this point, you start to experience a sense of trepidation because your purchases were fragile.

If this has never happened to you, count yourself amongst the lucky few. Take a look at some reviews on platforms like Amazon. Many complaints tend to center around poor packaging.

From most of the feedback, it is easy to conclude that they would never return to that seller again.

Choosing the right parcel boxes for shipping is a critical consideration. We will share a complete guide on how to go about it in our article below.

  1. Choose The Right Size

Does the size of the parcel box matter when it comes to shipping? The answer is a resounding yes. So let’s start from the fundamental point of creating positive customer perception.

Imagine receiving a huge box with a tiny item inside. It speaks of a level of lack of professionalism and attention to detail.

You get a lot in terms of savings, convenience, and good customer service for the business. So why fill up a container with huge boxes if you don’t need to. We will explain why you need to avoid this in the next point.

The right parcel box size also provides better protection for the items. This is because you use less cushioning to fill in the void within the box. It also ensures protection and security for the items when the packaging is compact. In addition, there is less movement of the items, thus minimizing chances of damage.

Think about the convenience to the customer as well. Not everyone has a large parcel dropbox on their front porch. Such facilities offer security for the deliveries due to the lockable feature. It means even if the customer is not at home, no one can get access to the items.

For those who do not have such facilities, the courier drops the items at the front door. But, unfortunately, a huge box can be a magnet for the local neighborhood burglar.

Let’s say the customer picks the items from the post office drop box or a delivery center. It can be a hassle trying to get the items home.

You have tons of options when it comes to parcel box types and sizes. They include Cube, tall, long, multi-height, and side loading boxes. The simplest way to choose the right size is to place the item in the box. There should be enough space for protective cushioning to get a snug fit.

  1. Consider The Shipping Cost

Let’s go back to the point of filling up a shipping container with huge boxes. What many people may not know is that many shipping companies use dimensional pricing to determine cost.

What it means is they charge for the size rather than the weight. The reasoning is bulky items take up a lot of space without necessarily being heavy. So, many calculate the cost using length x width x height.

You can save a lot by using smaller packaging whenever possible.

  1. The Parcel Box Material Matters

The most common material is cardboard or corrugated boxes. They are lightweight, available in different sizes and shapes, and quite durable. In addition, you will typically find them in white or brown colors. The latter comprises recycled material, making them an excellent option for the environmentally conscious.

Packaging companies use Mullen and Edge Crush tests to determine the bursting and stacking weight of corrugated boxes. You will often find the technical specifications on the shipping box.

A reading of 32 ECT on the box means it can withstand 32 lbs. per square inch of vertical compression. Such boxes are, therefore, ideal for lightweight items. Anything heavier will make the box collapse, thus damaging the delivery items.

The burst strength test uses hydraulic pressure on the face of the parcel box until the linear board components burst. A reading of 200# means the parcel box can withstand 200 pounds per square inch before rupturing.

The shipping companies also have guidelines on the type of shipping parcel boxes to use. UPS guidelines, for instance, require 30 lb. items to be in a 32 ECT single wall box.

Such tests are critical because of the shipping conditions. It is impossible to avoid things like dropping, hitting, slamming, or rough packaging handling.

  1. Other Special Considerations

  • Aesthetic appeal – white corrugated boxes look more hygienic and attractive. As a result, they are popular with people in the medical, food, and health products industries. But, they get dirty easily and may appear less than presentable at the final destination.
  • Branding like logos, messaging, or contact details will appear more attractive on white boxes. However, do not ignore the power of branding when choosing parcel boxes for shipping. It is a powerful marketing tool that can generate a lot of visibility for your business. Customers also find such companies more trustworthy than those who send a generic and unbranded package.
  • Some packaging companies have customizable parcel boxes. It is an excellent way to set yourself apart from any competitor who uses standard packaging.

Final Thoughts

The main focus when choosing the right parcel box when shipping should be the safety of the product. The customer should receive the goods exactly as they expect them to be. A happy customer is likely to remain loyal. The repeat business and referrals will have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Pay attention to the size of the parcel box. We have given a tip on how to decide the right one. Remember, all you need is a little space for cushioning. If there is too much room, the item may move around, resulting in damage.

You will also spend a lot of money on cushioning—the money you could spend in other business areas. And, don’t forget that you pay for every inch of space if the company uses dimensional pricing. Take the time to understand the technical specifications and shipping guidelines to avoid disappointment.

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