Concrete Guttering – Should You Line Or Remove It?


Concrete Guttering

Concrete guttering, also known as Finlock guttering, can be problematic for homeowners. Finlock gutters were initially built as an alternative to the scare materials used in the War effort. As such, Finlock gutters were built on homes between the 1950s-1970s and have now been shown to be unreliable.

Concrete guttering begins to break down over time and becomes porous – losing its waterproof properties. Because of this, they will need costly repairs and ongoing maintenance to rectify any damage. Begging the question: do you opt for concrete gutter lining or a concrete gutter removal and replacement.

The Issues With Concrete Guttering

Concrete guttering is prone to a few issues:

It is a lining failure. This is when water is allowed to seep through due to the failing of the gutters. It can be incredibly problematic and should be addressed immediately to avoid further costs.

Cold/thermal bridging can be challenging in all weather conditions and can even affect your home’s energy consumption and how well your home insulates. When these problems arise, it can sometimes cause the wallpaper to peel away from the wall, damaging the beauty of your home.

Finlock gutters can wear down and begin to sag, which affects the beauty of your home and the guttering’s functionality.

Due to Finlock gutters’ lack of reliability with water, they aren’t very good at draining water. The water remains in the gutter system for long periods of time and can cause issues with the fabric of the building, which increases the risk of mould and damps growth. In extreme cases, the water will cause a puddling effect and can attract pests or begin to collapse the guttering.

Damp and mould can start to grow and cause further issues for the interior of your home. The damp and mould can grow substantially, causing the wallpaper to come away from the walls and potentially be an issue for your health.

These issues can be irritating and particularly expensive to fix. This tends to leave concrete gutter owners confused about what they can do. You need to hire a concrete contractor from they will help you in all kinds of residential and commercial concrete services.

The two major things you can do to help your gutters are investing in concrete gutter lining or removal. Concrete gutter lining essentially relines your gutters with a waterproof membrane to secure them from leaking and other issues. This is a temporary fix and will mean the gutters will either need to be lined again or removed and replaced in the long term.

Concrete gutter replacements are the second alternative. They are the more expensive option but replacing the gutters with another guttering will ensure none of the issues returns. Though it is the most expensive solution, it is the most cost-effective in the long term and the most recommended solution to any issues with Finlock gutters.

To summarise, the best solution to concrete gutter issues is to get them removed and replaced. Replacing your concrete gutters can be expensive, but it offers a brand-new life to your gutters, ensuring none of the issues returns. A concrete gutter replacement is the most cost-effective solution as it fixes all the issues together and results in no additional repair costs down the line.

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