Concreting A Driveway – Top Mistakes To Avoid


Thinking of concreting a driveway? Well that’s not a very difficult task if you are meticulous in the approach but more than often people are so involved in getting the job done correctly that they forget a few basic steps. It is the little things combined together that can spoil the finish of a smooth and even driveway.

Here Are A Few Mistakes To Keep In Mind

Not Mixing Properly

Not Mixing Properly
Any form of concreting requires the right balance of ingredients. You can get these from the regular hardware stores or even mix them yourself. But remember that when concreting a driveway, the mix you purchase should be of good quality as there is a lot of pressure or traffic in the area. There are different layers involved in the mixing process. And the first step here is that you mix the same as per the instructions. Often, one assumes that mixing everything together would do the trick but that is not true. You should follow the mixing process properly, rather than just going by intuition or relying on the same process that you had previously. Take the time out for mixing everything together and read the instructions.

Adding More Of Reinforcement

The next mistake that people often make when concreting a driveway is to not mix things properly. It is true that the concrete mix that you get from the market is durable but more than often it tends to lack tensile strength. Hence, what you have to do here is ensure that you give some added reinforcement. Doing this is relatively simple – you can add more pieces of glass in it or even other kinds of fibers of metal or plastic. This should be done before you pour the mix into the slabs. Doing so helps in hardening the driveway. These fibers have a much stronger bond as compared to the mixture alone. Hence, you would be able to get a sturdier mix. Alternatively, along with metals, you can also use something like steel mesh or even some rebar.

Not Placing The Steel Mesh Aptly

The steel mesh is often used in concreting a driveway because it adds to the durability and strength. In this reference, your reinforcement also needs to be placed correctly. For instance, you should ensure that the mesh is placed right in the centre of the slab. Doing so gives the core a powerful base. Else, if you place it too much to the side or other parts then your concrete may break easily when it is hard enough.

Short Curing Time

The term curing time is a crucial element of concreting a driveway. One has to be sure that you let the slab rest or rather get dry naturally. During this process, you should avoid crossing over the same, walking on it, prevent it from getting wet, etc. This applies for paint too. When it comes to outdoor areas like the driveways, make sure that you cover it up with a plastic or vinyl for rain protection. A lot of people don’t tend to wait and let the concrete set properly.

Incorrect Height And Form

Concreting A Driveway
Make sure that the form of the slab is correct and the one before it was dug out properly. Once the earlier form is repaired only then should you lay out the concrete. Also, the wrong height or depth would lead to the uneven surfaces so make sure that you sort out the same.

These are simple tips and mistakes to avoid when concreting a driveway. Doing so will help in longevity and durability.

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