Condo Design 2020: The Trends That Will Revamp Your Condo


Condo Design 2020

We’re spending a lot more time indoors lately. So you might have noticed that your condo could do with a little freshening up. And what better time to start planning a home improvement project? From light touches to extensive redesign, here are the top trends that will help revamp your condo in 2020.

  1. Feature Art Pieces

Art Pieces

Some of us like photographs, others like small sculpture pieces. Whatever your preference, 2020 is the year that bold art is making a comeback in the home.

Try to find pieces that compliment the decor and draw the eye without overshadowing the rest of the room. It’s a good idea to make a budget and decide what you’re comfortable with spending.

If art itself isn’t your thing but you still want to jump on this trend, there are plenty of more reasonable options available. Check out home improvement outlets or websites like Etsy for some inspiration.

  1. Natural Furnishings

Plants In The Living Room

Another great quick-fix trend to adopt for your condo in 2020 is adding lots of natural furnishings. Plants in the living room, kitchen, and beyond are a great way to add some life and to your living space and foster a peaceful atmosphere.

There are options out there to suit any color palette, too. You can go for lush greenery or multi-toned foliage, and even find plants with patterned leaves for an edgier look. The best part is choosing plant pots that will go perfectly with your new plants and the rest of your decor.

This trend is becoming particularly popular in condo-heavy cities like Toronto, as it gives people a way to bring nature into their home in a bustling city., a real estate website located in Toronto, has tons of tips and resources on making the most of your condo space.

  1. Matte Finishes

Matte Finishes

Glossy walls are out, and matte finishes are in. This doesn’t just apply to your walls, either. Matte finishes can be found everywhere, from your kitchen cabinets to floor tiling. They’re mostly used in dark, moody hues and subtle tones.

If you’re looking for a smaller home decor project, you can incorporate matte finishes into home accessories too such as dinnerware, matte painted furniture, plant pots, and other home accessories.

  1. Non-white Kitchens

Non White Kitchen

For a long time, the French country look dominated the kitchen scene. But a change once in a while is good, and thankfully we’re seeing tons of fresh new kitchen trends coming to life.

Blocks of color, heavily contrasting cabinet handles, and bright open shelving are all big in kitchens for 2020.

If more rustic decor is still your thing, try mixing it up with pale greens or grey instead. Or, go with natural wood finishings, especially as a feature piece on an island top. The grainy texture will add a bit of life to your kitchen.

  1. Mixed Metals

Bathroom Mirrors

Metal accents have long been a fixture in modern condo decor. But if you’re looking for a way to freshen that look for 2020, mixed metals are the way to go.

You can mix metal types, colors, and textures to implement this trend. For example, try differentiating the light furnishings against the cabinet handles in your kitchen. Or why not try matte black bath fixtures against a silver framed mirror in the bathroom?

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You don’t have to commit too hard to this look either. Try using home accessories to mix up your metals for a less expensive and commitment-free way to try out this look.

  1. Going Off-Trend

Trends will always come and go, but we’re living in an age where people are increasingly seeking to stand out from the crowd. With Instagram and Pinterest clogging up your mind, it’s easier than ever to get sick of seeing the same styles over and over. That’s why one of the biggest trends for 2020 (and beyond) is furnishing and decorating your condo however you like!

Which trend will you start with to revamp your condo in 2020?

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