Considerations When Hiring Moisture Control Experts At A Good Price


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Our homes remain a sanctuary in which we should feel safe and secure. Having a healthy environment is part of providing that sanctuary. Unfortunately, many weather elements can harm this healthy environment.

One of these conditions is moisture build-up. Whenever our homes become rising damp or humid, it can cause a variety of problems. When there’s a delay in correcting the humidity level within a home, the repercussions can be extreme and harmful for a family’s health.

It’s therefore essential that we consult professionals in the industry to help us correct the humidity level within our home. Especially if you’ve left the problem for too long, you might have to spend a lot of money to fix it.

What Is Moisture Control?

Moisture control is what the name suggests—the control of humidity levels inside the home. Whenever humidity levels reach more than 21% within the home, you will need a professional to reset humidity within your home to 20%. Anything under 20% is considered as a too low humidity level.

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What Does A High Humidity Level Cause?

Areas that are prone to high moistures are typically bathrooms, basements, kitchen basin cabinets, and showers. Whenever there’s too much dampness, it will usually have the following effects:

  • Mold and mildew growth that impacts air quality negatively
  • Damages structures, paint, and wood flooring
  • Creates bad odors
  • Attracts pests

When left unattended high humidity levels can be dangerous to your family. You must attend to this problem as soon as possible, to avoid high future costs.

When it comes to hiring a professional moisture control company, you shouldn’t compromise quality and experience over the price tag. But knowing what to look out for will help you find professionals that can provide you with excellent quality as well.

Here are a few things you have to consider before hiring experts.


How many years’ experience does the company have in the industry? The people you hire must know what they are doing. They need to be able to assess the damage caused to provide a clear solution in solving the problem.

Not every home is the same, and most of the time, moisture problems aren’t even visible. When the company you are considering has the necessary experience, they’ll be able to spot the infected areas immediately.

Feel free to check the company’s website to check their background experience.

Equipment And Tools

When you have opstijgend vocht in your home, then you can try a few home remedies to fix it. Chances are you will only worsen the problem, especially if dampness and water have already invaded many parts of your home.

Trying dehumidifiers, air ventilation, and vacuuming won’t remove all the dampness from the room. Professional moisture control companies have special equipment that is much more heavy-duty than regular household tools.

Choose a company that has the proper equipment to deal with high humidity levels. Some of the equipment used by experts include:

  • Humidity cassettes and cards
  • Hygrometers
  • Thermo-hygrometers
  • Moisture control sheets and absorption pads
  • Air movers and fans
  • Heavy-duty dehumidifiers

Certifications And Licensing

Not anyone is certified to provide moisture control services. You must make sure the company you are considering have the relevant licensing to perform assessments.

Companies with many years’ experience will probably have a Council-certified Moisture Control Consultant (CMCC), Council-certified Residential Moisture Assessor (CRMA), or a Council-certified Moisture Control Investigator (CMCI) on their team. All three of these professionals have the relevant knowledge and experience to perform tests on homes and other structural buildings.

Whenever you hire a company with any of the professionals as mentioned above, you are guaranteed a quality service that meets all the legal requirements. There are a bunch of industry standards that have to be followed by moisture control companies. Having certified professionals like these on the team, make the quality of service much more reliable.

Learn more about the causes of humidity here:

Recommendations And Reviews

A route to always consider when looking for services you aren’t familiar with is by asking for recommendations. Feel free to use social media and ask residents in your area if they have any recommended moisture control services.

Someone is bound to recommend a company that provides quality service without overcharging. Compare costs and services to find a company that values client service and quote a fair amount.

You’ll be able to pick the perfect professional experts if you follow the above tips in finding a company. Remember to shop around a little bit to find the perfect service that will be able to fix the humidity levels in your home.

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