Construct A Gable 12×16 Shed From Plans With These DIY Shed Crafting Tips


Gable Shed

Constructing your own DIY outdoor shed can be a rewarding experience and a simple way to create some much-needed storage space. If you got yourself some 12×16 shed with porch plans and are about to start building, then here are some vital strategies to save you both time and money.

These professional tips can show you how to build a sturdy and beautiful shed affordably and quickly.

Most Durable Shed Foundation Style

The sturdiest base you can build for your shed will always be a concrete slab foundation. This type of base may be costly to build, but it is guaranteed to last the longest.

Dig a six-inch deep ditch in the dimensions of your shed. Fill it with 3 inches of gravel and press it down to get a level foundation. Then pour the concrete mix and let it cure for 24 hours.

However, if your land has a significant slope, it is better to first build a deck floor supported by posts. Use skirts to cover up the space underneath the footings. Then assemble your shed over the deck.

Craft Precisely Straight Framework

Use a string to measure how straight each end of the wall frame is before adding on the siding. Tack plywood scraps at each end of a framing component and then run a string tightly from one end of the piece to the other.

Any gaps between the string and the framing member indicate areas where the lumber is not accurately straight. Secure bracing or shave off lumber as needed to make each plate correctly straight.

Framing studs may also be crowned on one side or crooked. Look down the stud lengthwise to check which studs are exactly level. Then use the remaining studs to craft blocking. All the studs used in the window frame, door frame, and corners must be perfectly straight.

Construct Roof Trusses On The Ground

It is simpler to assemble roof trusses on the shed floor and hoist them on the walls instead of assembling a roof frame rafter by rafter. Every two feet of roof will require one truss. It is recommended to craft the trusses before constructing the walls.

First, outline the truss components on the shed floor with chalk. Then cut out each truss section from timber pieces using these lines as guides. Secure together the truss components using plywood gussets and deck screws.

A Better Way To Build Shed Roofs

The most common way to construct the roof frame is to climb up a ladder and work standing on it. This can be time-consuming as you have to move the ladder around from site to site. It can also get dangerous if you don’t have a stable base or someone to hold the ladder.

A more practical way to craft the roof is to rent scaffolding. Make sure that it has wheels so you can move it around easily. Having a steady platform where you can place all your materials and tools will make construction faster and easier.

Create Affordable Doors And Windows

Create the window using a sliding barn sash and a basic frame to secure the glass pane in place. Fasten the hinges and latches to the frame. You can also craft a separate frame for holding a screen and attach it over the window frame.

Craft two plywood boards for the door panels. Laminate and sandwich the panels with each other such that the corners cover one another. Craft the front piece with a wider lip for holding the inset panels. Fasten the panels with pocket screws and then glue them to each other. Lastly, sand over the outer edges to cover up any uneven faces and give the appearance of a single-layered door.

Build Shed Walls With Durable Siding

Natural siding may look beautiful but quickly rot under harsh weather conditions. Oriented Strand Boards cost much lesser than plywood and are much more durable. Stucco, grooved, or plain OSB panels are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses at most timber yards.

Take care to add an overhang to your roof that will protect the siding from snow and water. This will make your shed look more beautiful and also increase its lifespan.

Constructing a shed can be a complex project that requires a lot of time and effort. You will need to plan a lot and get the required permits from your local building council. These practical shed construction tips will help make your work easier and make your DIY project both fun and fulfilling.

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