Contemporary Living Room Décor: Pictures


Super Contemporary Living Room Ideas

It is a myth that contemporary living room décor is about minimalist and rather unornamented space but the truth is wall art bless with many of the contemporary decorative approaches. Using pictures in living room as the focal point or the decorative accents will extend living room palette or the theme. The creative approach for framing, layout and then combining of the pictures gives more contemporary style.

Room Decorating Ideas for Contemporary Living Rooms

Picture Choices:

Contemporary living room could feature diversity of the pictures and wall art. Large format oil painting with subject matter of abstract or stylized works awesome especially on mantel or across the couch and in case you have fireplace then over it.

Contemporary Living Room with Pictures on Wall

You can also use the bold photographs which will add some biographical information to room.

Create gallery of interesting places you have visited or vacationed at.

Contemporary ideas of picture extends to the found art too so you can incorporate cool packging, rusted tin sign, framed swatches of the fabric etc.

Modern Living Room Design Wall Pictures

Modern Living Room with Picture on Wall Layout


There are different types of layout for the pictures in contemporary living room style.

Group small thematic pieces in matching frames

Try hanging of three pictures triptych style

Four pictures in square shape.

Group them together

Modern Picture Wall with Black Gloss Frame

Bohemian Modern Look:

Very close grouping of the eclectic pieces which can be both framed and unframed and there is little or no margin in between.

Industrial Look:

painting suspended by fishing wire from ceiling or propped against wall.

If living room has narrow wall then stick on the vertical space by stacking smaller pictures vertically.


In the contemporary room it has furnishings etc. with sleek angles and clean lines and gloss finishes. Extend this look to the picture frames.

Black lacquered frames will give gallery look.

Light the pictures with miniature spotlights.

For industrial look use steel or chrome frames around pictures.

If Bohemian look then mix different finishes and styles of the frames.

Ideal Picture Frame Feature Wall


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