Contemporary Recessed Walls


Timber Book Case in Contemporary Living Room

You will come across many examples of recessed walls ideas on internet with several examples of the recessed walls in the contemporary settings. Let us take example of contemporary take on traditional wall to wall timber book case of the display case. Here you can do is, instead of filling entire wall with timber, a plasterboard wall is built to serve as the frame for case. As a result you will have smooth surface which will be a frame and will highlight natural appearance of timber.

Gas Fireplace

Also you can have deep wall niches on either side of gas fireplace which house sculptures or flower vase or any decorative items.

Recessed Walls in Contemporary Bedroom

Recessed walls can be found in bedrooms or in bathrooms as well such as:

Recessed Walls in Contemporary Bathroom

Bathrooms can have the recessed walls for the bathtubs and spa baths.

Modern Bathroom Closet

Bedroom wall is extended to house pocket office or en suit bathroom instead of just building closet.

Utilitarian Boxes Set

The wall niches too have taken contemporary turn for better. Instead of just being thought of as rectangular and utilitarian boxes set in wall many have turn into geometrical work of art. Each of recessed wall niches is built to house particular objects such as collection vases, ornaments, or colorful accents etc.

Recessed Lighting in Contemporary Family Room

Key of success of the recessed walls or niche walls is lighting. You will need good lighting system such as cool burning LED lightings which are perfect. Also available are other recessed lightings which are designed specifically to provide spot or diffuse light required.

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