Convert Your Attic Into An Office Space

On December 4, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

When you decide to have a home office, it’s really a challenge to find the perfect place to position yourself. Unlike the people who live in apartments, houses are ideal for this because they have areas which are just waiting to be used for something else than their usual purpose. Besides the garage and the basement, the attic is also an ideal spot to set your office and create a workplace without being bothered or bothering anyone from your household. With some effort and few tips from us, you’ll be enjoying a perfect workspace on the top floor of your house.

Attic into an Office Space

  1. Examine The Space

Before doing or even starting with anything, you have to take a good look at the attic space. Although it looks like a perfect location for the office at the first glance, it will surely need some renovation and adaptations to make it functional. The most prudent thing to do is hire a handyman to examine the structure of the walls, insulation, wirings and sealants on the windows, if any. But if you have a small window or don’t have any at all, make sure to include building a few in your budget.

  1. Declutter And Clean It Up

Most people use their attics as storage areas and it’s usually cluttered with boxes, packages or even furniture. Firstly, you need to declutter all that mess and figure out what to do with those items. The best solution would be to examine it all and put on sale all the stuff you really don’t have a use for. This will earn you some money to cover at least part of the expenses for reinventing your attic space. Even though some works will be done there, you still need to clean it up prior to the renovations from the dust and dirt accumulated over time.

  1. Renovate For Optimal Working Conditions

It’s your attic and you should choose what kind of office you want. This should all depend on the type of your business and whether you have employees who will work with your there. If you work with clients, it would be a good idea to create a separate entrance with stairs from outside, to avoid them going through the whole house just to get to the meeting with you. Don’t forget the windows, since the view can provide a stress relief, especially if you have a Blue Mountains’ based company and can enjoy amazing view every time you tire your eyes on the computer screen.

  1. Create The Office

You renovated and cleaned up the mess, painted the walls, opened up space with several windows and repaired the flooring, wiring and, all in all, built a functional and operational room. Now it’s time to bring in the furniture and connect the equipment. But remember, never buy anything until your repairmen tell you that it’s feasible and possible to fit in the space you envisioned. One of the great options is to buy multifunctional furniture if you have a small space, or compartmentalize if you have a big area to cover. One-in-all devices are always a good choice if you want to keep it tidy and plan to grow soon, so you can have extra space already prepared for the new employees.

  1. Final touches

Decorations are important since they will give character to your space and dictate the mood of the room together with the furniture and wall colours, lights and design. A lot of also depends on the type of business you do and what kind of impression you want to leave on your clients. Neutral tones mixed with some boldly coloured vase or carpet will create texture, while for some added ambience you can use art as the focal points. Although decorative cushions are great for the living room sofa, office couch and chairs should be less homey and more professional with one-colour fabrics, as well as simple, and yet comfortable designs.

In The End

Not all office spaces have to be the same. It has a lot to do with the use of the space and type of business you do. So include that in your plans. Home offices are nothing unusual today and many business owners opt for this method of working since is cheaper and doesn’t require extra expenses and time for commuting and getting ready. If you have a business and are missing an office, consider turning some of that extra space used for storing into an efficient and practical workstation.

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