Converting An Attic Into A Bedroom – What You Need To Know


Converting An Attic Into A Bedroom

If you don’t use your attic, then you may have considered converting it into a liveable space. As well as adding an extra space or room to your home, it has the power to improve its overall appearance and add value to your property. This is especially useful if you need another bedroom, a playroom, or an office. Doing this kind of conversion by yourself is entirely achievable, and even though it may require more time and preparation, it will most likely save you money in the future. However, any attic conversion needs to be done properly, so today, we will look into what you need to understand about converting an attic into a bedroom.

A Planning Permit

Before you start, you need to get in touch with your local permitting office to see if you will require a permit to convert your attic. In most cases, a permit is needed if you plan to add ventilation or electrical wiring into an area, or if you plan to change the entire structure of your home, by adding a dormer or taking down an existing wall.

Clean The Attic

Once you know that you are allowed to convert your attic into a bedroom, you will need to clean it out and make sure that you have space and storage to keep any items that you need from the attic. You should declutter and throw away old things you don’t need, including building materials. You should also remove old insulation. If it is in good condition, you can position subflooring over it.

Wire For Electricity

Now the space is empty; the first step to converting it into a functional room is to hire a licensed electrician to wire the attic and meet all of the code requirements. Doing this yourself would be dangerous unless you are an expert in this field. By hiring a professional, you will avoid several common issues that many DIY homeowners come across when converting their attic space.

Build Your Subfloor

If you have visible joists in your attic, then you will have to install a subfloor. This should be started once the electrics and ventilation have been completed. Adding insulation under the subfloor paneling will make your attic more energy-efficient and will reduce the amount of sound that travels from it once it is finished. Building a subfloor is not a complicated process and is a doable DIY task.

Install The Drywall

The last step to making your attic into a bedroom is to install drywall and ceiling. This can start once the attic has been insulated. Hanging drywall will allow the room to take shape. The height of your ceiling will determine whether you need to install a dropped ceiling to finish the room off. Once this is complete, all you will need to do is paint and decorate your new room and move in some furniture.

As long as you know what you are doing and you know when to bring in professional help, converting your attic into a bedroom is pretty simple and will provide many benefits to your home.

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