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If you have just decided to purchase a new swimming pool and do your homework, you may have heard about using copper in your swimming pool. Copper is one of the key ingredients with a chemical free swimming pools sanitizer. Copper is a metal, and people may be confused; why put metal in my swimming pool water?

Have you ever looked down a wishing well or into a public fountain where people over the years have thrown coins into the water, making a wish and hoping for love and fortune? If you have, you would have spotted coins that have discolored. Some may have gone a grey color, and some would have gone to a green color. The colored change shows the water is having a chemical effect on the discoloring of the coins. This process is called oxidation, and this has been known for centuries and is one of the most effective ways of sanitizing water known to mankind without using chemicals.

Importance Of Copper In Your Pool

Importance Of Copper In Your Pool

Copper can be introduced into your swimming pool in several ways. You need to monitor the copper levels in your pool to make sure it’s balanced as you do with the PH levels.

Your Local Water Authority:

Your local water service provider can supply water that, over time, the copper could build up. Copper and other metals all always form the water source. Your local water authority will only sanitize enough to bring down the levels of the metals to a regulated drinking water standard. Natural untreated water from springs, wells, and other natural made supplies will contain more metals.

Each time you fill up your pool, you are adding slightly more metals also. You can actually request a report from your local water authority to see what chemicals and metals are being supplied to your home. In the United States Of America, you will find on average up to 4 ppm per liter, which means four parts per million which are regarded as safe. You will also find that your water supply contains 1.3 ppm ( parts per million ) of copper. This is over six times the recommended level of 0.2ppm that should be used in your pool water.

Algaecides To Control The Pool Algae

Growth of agae around and in a pool in unavoidable. In warm climates and uncontaminated swimming pool water makes a perfect environment for algae growth. So how to control this growth, you may ask? Well, Algaecides have been around for years using different chemicals and methods, but the most effective and proven way is to use copper. The algae attack and absorb the copper ions and then dies. This method of sanitization of a swimming pool works even more effectively when silver is also added to the mix. Since Roman times, the soldiers added a silver penny into their water canteens to keep their water free from bacteria. So adding silver to a pool in conjunction with copper makes an awesome powerful chemical free swimming pool water sanitizer.

This is great for the environment as you are not using chemicals. Plus, as the silver and copper ions are always floating in the swimming pool water, your pump does not have to be switched on all the time. This can save up to 50-70% electricity. The other benefit is that the bather does not come into contact with any chemicals, so no sore red eyes, no skin irritation, and due to no gases given off helps people with breathing issues. Quest is a system that offers you a chlorine free swimming pool sanitizer.


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