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Kitchen Design

You can’t overlook the importance of good kitchen and bathroom designs. Due to the sensitivity of these spaces, homeowners tend to prioritise them during makeovers. So you’ll find beautiful vanity tops and countertops aimed at creating a serene and comfortable environment.

Ceramic and natural stone used to be the go-to choices regarding kitchen and bathroom countertops and vanities. However, their costliness and other disadvantages prompted scientific research to invent a cheaper and more sustainable alternative.

Corian® is the product of the research mentioned above. It’s a solid-surface material used in commercial and residential premises, made from stone extracts and acrylic polymer resins. Like natural stone, Corian® is attractive and durable.

Moreover, Corian® is available in many colours – you can choose the perfect one that matches or contrasts your existing décor. Even better, this flexible material allows you to cut it into your desired shape. This flexibility translates to endless design possibilities.

However, its standout quality is sustainability.

Is Corian® Sustainable?

So, what are the environmental design qualities of Corian® solid surface? To learn about the sustainability of this material, you must read its Environmental Product Declaration. It discloses the material’s entire life cycle, from conception to manufacturing, detailing the process’s contribution to sustainability.

Besides the declaration, Corian® has several certification standards that prove its commitment to bettering the environment. Some top institutions that recognise Corian®’s efforts include the National Green Building Standard, GREENGUARD GOLD, Scientific Certification Systems, LEED points, and NSF/ANSI.

Additionally, Corian®’s manufacturer holds several certifications and partnerships. These include an ISO 14001 Responsible Care Management System, NSF Certification for proper food contact, SCD Global Services accreditation for recycling, etc. These are a testament to the company’s commitment to adopting an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

What Makes Corian® Solid Surfaces Sustainable?

Certifications and documentation aside, Corian® comprises eco-friendly components that promote sustainability.

Unlike other kitchen tops and cabinetry materials, Corian® has low volatile organic compounds content. VOCs are gases like benzene, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, tetrachloroethylene, toluene, xylene, etc., emitted by new cabinets, rugs, and flooring material. They’re also present in pesticides and aerosols.

When inhaled, VOCs can cause dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, and irritation. Long-term exposure increases the risk of liver and kidney failure and attacks the nervous system. The environmental impact of these gases is severe. Short-term effects include poor air quality and acid rain. In extreme cases, prolonged emissions cause climate change.

To reduce the effects of VOCs, purchase sustainable products like Corian®.

Secondly, Corian® is non-porous. This property reduces the risk of mildew and mould. As a result, you don’t have to use strong detergents to remove stains caused by such microorganisms. Thus, Corian® indirectly contributes toward sustainability by reducing the demand for chemical-based cleaning agents.

Thirdly, Corian® is durable. Most materials used for making countertops are fragile, except for natural stone. Durability means less frequent repairs and replacements. This reduces the pressure on manufacturers to develop new products, indirectly contributing to a smaller carbon footprint.

Also, Corian® joints don’t use adhesives. When exposed to heat, some adhesives vaporise to produce greenhouse gases. Using Corian® reduces the risk of these emissions.

Lastly, Corian® combines extracted stone material with acrylic polymers to form a firm, solid-surface material. Acrylic polymers are potentially harmful to the environment. By using them in manufacturing, Corian® reduces its potential environmental impact. Also, the natural stone used for making Corian® comes from sustainable sources.

Wrapping Up

When looking to upgrade your kitchen, the key consideration factors are beauty, functionality, and cost. Only a few consider environmental sustainability. Natural stone is an obvious choice because of its stunning looks and guaranteed durability. However, they’re costly. On the other hand, ceramics are beautiful but fragile. It’s only Corian® that ticks all boxes.

Corian® leverages research and science to ensure that its products contribute toward environmental sustainability. DuPont, the product’s manufacturer, is committed to achieving this objective within the next ten years.

As a consumer, you can join the sustainability movement by purchasing Corian® products. Besides beauty and durability, these products contribute to better human well-being and environmental conservation.

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