Cost-Effective Ways to Bring Your Garden Back to Life

On July 1, 2015 by Himanshu Shah

While deciding between a house and an apartment, people always tend to look for all the advantages houses are offering, such as novelty of having a glorious backyard where they can spend quiet afternoons and enjoy the fruits of their labor, while overlooking the fact that in order to have such lush garden, there needs to be constant labor to begin with.

And sometimes we are just overwhelmed with other obligations to give our backyards all the attention they deserve. Only in that moment when gardens become The Lost World, we regret not buying an apartment. Things are not that bad though, everything can be solved, even on a budget, so let us get to work and bring them back to life.

Give the Grass Much Needed Cut

garden-54366_1280Unkempt grass is probably the most prominent sign that your thoughts were elsewhere lately. Although it seems like it is a problem you can solve any time you want, don’t delay cutting the grass too much because longer it is growing out of control and higher it gets, stronger its roots will be, which makes more difficult even growing of new plants after your mowing job is over.

For uneven gardens your choice should be handheld lawn mower, while classic gardens can be handled with the regular one. Borrowing one from your neighbor should solve the problem once, but if you want your garden well-groomed, you should mow grass at least once per week, so if you are operating with limited resources buying used mower will serve you just fine.

Keeping the Paths Clean

lawnmower-384589_1280Once the question of grass out of the table, you will probably need to refresh or completely replace your pavers. Aside from searching formaterial that is looking good, you should also take into equation factors such as durability, ease of maintenance and price point. Pebbles and marble are relatively easy to maintain but if you opt for this solution, you are running a risk of dealing with some weeding later.

Stone is very durable, but it is also the most expensive material and while gravel is the cheapest it is not the best long term solution. Given all the facts practical yet attractive concrete pavers, are the best option, because they are affordable, easy to maintain and able to withstand a lot of abuse.

Taking Care of the Garden Sheds

shed-418570_1280Although it is possible to simply apply a new coat of paint, your shed should be completely overhauled with fresh jacket in new and creative way. If walls are dirty, results will be undesirable and the paint will obviously adhere better if shed is well prepared, so take care of this first. Tape off areas you don’t want to paint and unleash your inner Michelangelo.

Remember that blue tape usually won’t take off existing paint after being removed from the surface so we wholeheartedly recommend that you use this type.You should use best possible brushes for the best quality painting but you can avoid buying different sizes to cut the costs down and more patient you are shed will look better so you can avoid applying several coats.

After doing all of the things we mentioned above, your garden should be operational and ready for optional customizations like planting flowers or adding some type of shade. Most important thing is that now you have solid foundations and you can move in any direction you want. Restoring your previous garden design or trying something completely new is left to your imagination.

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