Cost Effective Ways To Keep Your House Clean


If you have a reasonable sense of cleanliness, it will eventually become necessary to do some cleaning. Of course, you don’t want to spend all of your time or break the bank trying to keep your home clean. The good news is, you don’t need to spend your retirement fund or coat your home in toxic chemicals to keep it clean.

No Shoes, Fewer Problems

Shoes Stand

A lot of people wear shoes in the house, and this can track in disgusting bacteria. Shoes come into contact with all of the bacteria in the outside world, particularly public restrooms. There can be 200 million bacteria per square inch in a public restroom. Why would you want to track that into your home, or have others do the same? Take off your shoes when you come in and have your guests do the same.


Proffessional Cleaning Service For Home

Sometimes doing the job yourself simply isn’t the best way. Calling up a cleaning service and having a professional tend to your cleaning chores can be very cost-effective, not to mention convenient. The pros can get in, do the job without fussing over-sentimentality or feel like there’s an impossible standard to uphold, and in the end, you can probably find a side hustle that will pay you more than you invested.

At the very least, hiring out your house cleaning can be an excellent way to take care of a few things you would rather not do – see: scrubbing the toilets.

Hiring someone to fix the moisture issues in your home can be a huge plus too! We love Vochtbestrijding Snel as their moisture control service is unlike any other we’ve seen. Any dampness in your home can instantly cause a moldy smell or bacteria-filled air. Don’t let this trail on if you notice wetness in your home.

Wind Down With Mild Cleaning

Room Cleaning Before Sleep

In the end, you might not feel like tidying up. But even spending ten minutes taking care of tidiness tasks, along with being some fun alliteration, is a good way to wind down while you mentally get your morning organized in advance. When you know where stuff is, you will not be racing around in the morning trying to find it.

Another good thing about using just ten minutes before bed is that this is already time you don’t have anything too special planned. You can get a little bit of cleaning done without impacting your schedule. This lets you focus the main part of your day on doing larger tasks you can look forward to. Essentially, you can find more than an extra hour per week for cleaning this way.

Reduce And Reuse

Home Cleaning With Microfiber Dusters

You can cut your sponges in half to get double the usage out of them. You only use the middle part, anyway. Once they get grotty enough, you can also dampen them and put them into the microwave for two minutes. Just be sure to let them cool off before you grab them.

Did you know that microfiber dusters can be washed right along with your clothes? They are sold as disposable, with the big name brand being Swiffer, but even the generics that cost half as much can be washed and reused many times. Use them once or twice, and then toss them in the dirty clothes hamper, and it’s like getting a new one every week or so.

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