Cracks in Walls and Ceilings: Repairing Tips


Beautiful Wall Smooth Finish

There is such a worse experience when you realize that there are cracks in walls and ceilings which were not there before. Though this not the panic situation most of times, as these cracks are superficial and can be repaired. But you hate it when perfect looking walls give you distress.

Cracked Walls

The major cause of cracks in walls and in ceilings is movement or settings of substrate underneath home. In turn this cause less flexible areas like the plasterboard itself or the joins between walls and ceilings to crack. Earth tremors too can cause walls to crack. If you have bumped lot of furniture with walls then also it can crack. Most common reason which causes the walls and the ceilings to bow and crack is moisture.

Minimal Home Wall Paint Crack Repair

Repair Cracks in Walls and the Ceilings:

Repairing the cracks is simple process. Prefer to get it from professional to do, then it will be perfect but you can also do it yourself.

Use plaster paste or special joint compound such as putty which will fill in gaps made by the cracks.

Cracked Walls Repair Tips

Thereafter sand the dried plaster or the putty down to have your walls to have smooth finish.

If the cracks are too much then add another layer of the plaster paste etc. and sand it again once it dries. This is to ensure you get best possible finish.

Simply now repaint the area and you have new walls.

Cyan Wall Paint

Crack RepairBut If The Cracks Are Wide And Large:

Then you will require doing more than plaster paste and putty.

Remove the debris from crack before you apply any filling agent. Wide cracks need patching tapes which will ensure patching has enough to stick to.

Prevention of Cracks from Recurring:

Use commercially available fillers for filling and repairing cracks as they help in preventing recurrence as they strengthen and stabilize paint and provide a protective film. This prevents moisture from seeping in.

Crack RepairIn case moisture is the main cause, then it is important to know source of moisture and stop it. simple things such as installing better ventilation helps in home but if it is complicated such as due to faulty plumbing etc. then it can be complicated and extensive repair work will be needed.

Wall Cracks and Ceiling Repairs

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