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Allergies such as itchy eyes, asthma, and other discomforts can become unbearable. One should take measures to build a hypoallergenic home, and one way is to opt for safe furniture. Opting for sofa covers and drapes made of hypoallergenic materials is a simple way to protect people in your home from allergens hiding in your furniture. Other simple ways would be to choose appropriate flooring, opting for mold-proof building materials, and keeping your house dust-free and clean.

Common Allergens At Home

  • Pet dander
  • Mites
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Mold and mildew

How To Create An Allergy-Free Home With Safe Furniture

  1. Opt For Bare Floors

Covering the floor with rugs provides a breeding ground for dust mites and other allergens. If one opts for a covering, they should vacuum the carpets regularly. Before buying the rugs, ensure that they are low in VOC as they can also cause allergic reactions. Bare floors are also easy to clean.

  1. Choose Upholstery And Fabric Covers Wisely

When choosing furniture, opt for those that the base does not sit on the floor. That will make it easier to clean, and no mold or dust can settle beneath the furniture. Opt for hypoallergenic upholstery materials such as leather or vinyl. It is good to opt for high-quality leather and vinyl as they are easy to clean and repel allergens.

Investing in quality sofa covers is also a good idea. They should be hypoallergenic materials and easy to clean. Sofa covers help to protect the furniture.

  1. Opt For A Clutter-Free Home

Clutter is a breeding place for allergens and collects dust too. As much as possible, ensure that you do not clutter your living room and the house in general with unnecessary furniture. One should also arrange furniture to avoid overcrowding in any space. That will make all areas accessible and easy to clean. Investing in good storage ideas will help in ensuring there is no clutter in your house. Children’s toys and books should have enclosed storage space. One may also get hypoallergenic fabric covers for such living spaces to prevent dust.

  1. Bedroom Furniture

Mattress and pillows are breeding grounds for dust mites and other allergens. Opting for allergen-proof bed covers, pillowcases, and bedding can help prevent allergies. But one should clean the bedding regularly even though they opt for hypoallergenic bedding. Opt for hypoallergenic mattresses too. Those that contain latex may cause allergies.

Heavy curtains attract dust. Investing in blind is the better option for people who suffer from allergies. But if one must use curtains, they should opt for light cotton curtains as they are easy to wash.

To minimize allergens at home, one should keep the house clean and dry. Temperature control and the use of air purifiers or humidifiers can also help prevent allergies. One should watch out for mold growth and get rid of it fast. Remember, the choice of furniture and the décor item influence the presence of allergens. Choosing the right furniture and décor will help you create a hypoallergenic home.

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