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Vastu shatra Om

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that hands out a set of rules that allows the positive cosmic energies to lie in a fashion that harmonizes our existence with the natural surroundings. In countries like China and India, this science plays an essential role in planning the architectural layout of any house or apartment. People believe that if the design of the house is constructed in a way that passes the positive energies from the natural forces, then that would lead to an overall increment in peace. The people living inside it would gain and prosper in their respective fields both professionally and emotionally.

Vastu Shastra

Here, in this segment, we talk about what alterations one can bring to the most tranquil zone of their house- The Puja room. It’s a section of the house that consists of all the deities and idols of god, a place exclusively used for offering prayers and meditation purposes. This room in itself brings in positive energies in the house. Team it up with Vastu Shastra tips, and the powers would increase by manifolds.

Puja Room

Following are a few key points one should keep in mind to obtain an ideal Puja room:

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A separate place for worshipping gods or a small portable mandir, be it anything, the face of it should be in the northeast direction. Sunrises from the east and early dawn bring with them the first rays of the sun, which are rich in positive energies, bringing a considerable difference in the peace and tranquility of the meditation process. South and southeast directions are a big No as Yama and Agni, respectively, rule it. Don’t take it with a pinch of salt; this creates a difference.

The puja room should be neither on the top floor nor in the basement. The ground floor is ideally the best for its location. It’s because basements are dingy and secluded areas, while the top floor of the house is preferably the best location for master bedrooms in terms of Vastu Shastra. In villas and bungalows where the space is available in abundant quantity, the mandir could be installed in the center of the ground (also called the Brahmasthana), A region governed by Lord Brahma- the creator.

The idols of god should be placed on a raised platform, probably on a small table, with no pictures of dead family members anywhere around it. Also, an idol that is physically damaged, even a slight crack, should immediately be replaced.

Earthly colors that have a soothing effect on the eyes, such as light yellow, white, and light blue, should be used to paint the walls in this room. They reflect the light most efficiently and account for a well-lit atmosphere, illuminating the entire room, which is ideally the best for a puja room.

It’s not much of a hassle to bring in these changes in a built-up house. Shuffle the existing stuff, place it logically, and you are good to go.

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