Create An Organized Home Environment With These 5 Life Hacks

On November 22, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Create An Organized Home Environment With These 5 Life Hacks
Home is where the heart is but let’s face it, sometimes home is the last place you want to be because of the chaos that tends to pile up. From kids who play in the space to adults who work in the home, messes are prone to develop throughout the week. To create an organized home environment that is easier to navigate, there are a few important life hacks to follow in order to create a tidy setting.

1. Use Vacuum Sealed Bags for Clothes

You can reduce the amount of clutter that is present in your bedroom closets by only hanging clothes that are in season. All other pants or shirts that won’t be used for several months can be packed away until they’re needed again. The most effective way of protecting the clothes from dust and storing them away is to use vacuum sealed bags, which will allow you to store multiple items in flat bags that are easy to place under the bed or in the garage.

2. Group Like Items Together

It can be easy to have junk drawers or toy bins full of miscellaneous items in each room of your home, but you can make it easy to find what you need by grouping like items in different bins. Opt for placing art supplies all in one place or using another bin to hold toiletries. You can even label the different bins to make it easier to avoid scrummaging through the products when you’re looking for a particular item.

3. Use a Storage Unit

One of the most effective ways to free up space in your home is to simply remove it from the property. Although you may not want to get rid of items that you own, you can keep them in a storage unit at a place like Decatur self-storage, which will allow you to still have access to the products when you need them in the future. Consider placing items that are only used periodically in the unit and stack them against the walls, which can make it easier to navigate the area. All other items that have not been used in several years can be donated or sold at a garage sale.

4. Scan Important Documents

Receipts, bills, and miscellaneous documents can all create a mess in your home office when they begin to pile up and are loose. All of the papers may be within reach, but it can be difficult to find what you need or stay organized. Opt for freeing up your desk and filing cabinets by scanning the documents onto a computer or hard drive. The digital copies will make it easy to shred the paperwork and have a home that is more streamlined. You can also keep all of the papers on a cloud, which will allow you to avoid having to transfer everything to a hard drive just to back it up every few months. This will also prevent the info from becoming lost if the hard drive is misplaced or is damaged.

5. Mount Items in the Garage

Free up extra space in your garage by mounting boxes, sporting equipment, and holiday decor that can be taking extra space on the floor or shelves. The items can be placed overhead in an area that is discrete but is still easy to access with a ladder. Label all of the boxes and group like boxes together.

Although it may be difficult to stay organized and avoid messes in your home, there are several tips to follow to ensure that your house doesn’t feel overwhelming with its contents. By tackling clutter and using the right tools and methods, you can feel in control of the interior setting and avoid feeling stressed while spending time at home.

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