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Large Blue Featured Wall

Make your ordinary room into extraordinary room. Creating feature wall is exemplary without breaking bank. The feature wall is wall which you single out as the focal point of room such that is lifts appearance of whole room. Also it is economical way to renovate.

First you have to choose the wall which you want to make as focal point or feature wall. To make a wall as feature it has to be blank wall that is which doesn’t have any doors or windows or any such distracting features. You can take largest wall in room or first wall you see when you walk into room. Or it can also be a wall which seems to be lost in background and need highlighting.

Featured Wall Home Interiors

Characteristics of Feature Wall:

Feature wall stands out dramatically from all other walls in room. This wall attracts attention and also is piece of admiration. Choosing the materials, lighting, color, textures are all of paramount importance. Here are some materials for feature wall:

Beautiful Elegant and Luxurious Living Room Design with Off White Wall Paint


Paint the feature wall in contrast color from rest of the walls in room. Choose color carefully. This is because it will be difficult to make perfect clean line down the vertical corner and light imperfections may catch eye.

It’s better to paint wall with outward facing opposing wall than inward facing walls.

Featured Wall with Textured Wallpaper

Bamboo ClosetWallpaper: it’s made a huge comeback and makes ideal feature wall. Available in market are amazing wall papers and great design and texture as well. Choose subtle or bold, depending as per your background and contrast. Examples:

Bamboo stalks against subtle background

Vibrant tropical garden

Multi colored wallpaper

Veneer Wall:

This allows you to use materials such as roughhewn, irregular stones and exotic timbers, brick veneer, manufactured stone veneer etc.

Natural Stone Walls:

Natural Stone Wall Interior Featured Wall

this can stand out beautifully. Natural fissures and cavities can highlight feature wall. Rough cut or unpolished stones can give rustic charm.

Feature wall can be made from any of the material and rather can be amalgamation of many of these materials along with Soft Led lighting to highlight it.


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