Creating A Beautifully Transitional Enclosed Porch


Having an enclosed porch gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful transition between the outdoors and inside of your home. It needs to blend well with both the colors of nature and those of your current home décor. By carefully choosing the colors and furnishings for this area, you can have your very own cozy and inviting sunroom.


Colorful Porch Furniture

The color will make the largest impact. Enclosed porches have several windows, so wall space is minimal. Selecting a neutral color for those walls that reflects the hues found naturally outdoors will allow this room to feel like an extension of the surrounding landscape. Tans, greens, and beige all work nicely.

When selecting accents such as throw pillows, area rugs, or other home décor items, choose colors that coordinate with the walls. This could be the same color in a different shade or a complimentary one that adds a pop of color.

Window Treatments

Enclosed Porch Ideas

The whole point of an enclosed porch is to feel like your outdoors without dealing with inclement weather. You don’t want to have heavy window treatments that block your view. Valances work best. They add the softness of curtains while still allowing the sun to shine in.

Keep in mind that there will be certain times of day when you will want some protection from the glaring sunlight. Window shades are the ideal solution. When not in use, they can hide behind the valance. When the setting sun becomes intolerable, they can be pulled down to block any glare.


Wicker Furniture

When purchasing furniture for an enclosed porch, you need to consider what the room will be used for. If it is an area where meals will be served, you’ll want a nice table and chairs with a casual feel. You may treat it as a family room. In this instance, you will want plenty of seating for everyone. Sofas and recliners can seem too bulky, but wicker furniture is a lighter option. These pieces can be found at your local furniture retailers as well as online from sites like Wicker Paradise.

Once you have selected a terrific color scheme and the proper furniture pieces, you will be able to enjoy your enclosed porch throughout the year. It will also serve as a natural transition from the outdoors as it welcomes guests into your home.

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  1. I like that you talked about how having an enclosed porch gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful transition between the outdoors and inside of your home. My wife and I are currently designing our future dream house and we have decided to add a porch to it. So, we are thinking of hiring porch builders to help us out.


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