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Creativity has so many advantages and can get you very far in terms of creating ng a niche for yourself in the fast-paced business world. First off, everyone that is creative is blessed with their unique style, which is not easy to copy. The laws on plagiarism prevent unscrupulous characters from claiming your work as their own. Even online, where almost everything is open to the public, you can still protect your work and get compensated if it is used without your authority.

If you want to make a living creating and selling wallpaper designs, you can do so and create an empire. Many homeowners are constantly on the lookout for interesting designs to turn their homes into havens of artful delight.

Who Would Buy Your Wallpapers?

Creative Wallpapers

Apart from homeowners, other customers would include:

  • Artists
  • Sewists
  • Crafters
  • Interior designers
  • Wallpaper stockists

We could also include your friends and family here. In other words, you will find your customer base growing over time, especially if you offer unique designs.

How To Reach The World With Your Wallpaper Designs

Wallpaper Designs

The word you are looking for here is ‘website.’ Everyone who ever started a company and sold to a global customer base began by making the world aware via the internet or other media platforms of their existence; it is even easier these days due to the social media. Almost everyone has a social media account with any or several of the platforms in existence.

There are specific sites that can host your site to help you connect with like-minded individuals. However, you can create a site for your wallpaper designs that can be accessed by everyone. Getting acquainted with how selling is done by typing Tapet fra, for instance, will give you a few more insights.

Another way you can reach the world is by creating pages specifically for your hustle. Facebook offers great support for this. If you post frequently and upload your designs and keep people engaged, you could build quite a base for your merchandise. This is where you promote your website and direct members to it using links that will take them there.

Creating A Website

Wallpaper For Walls

Creating a website is one thing. Having people check it out is something else altogether. You must make it eye-catching and informative so that people can be drawn to it. Commercial buyers are constantly on the prowl looking for websites that offer something different. Make your website visible to them by doing the following:

  • Post Content Constantly – If you have to hire someone to create content for you, do it. Content that speaks positively about what you are offering and gives a glowing description of your products is bound to get a few heads turning your way.
  • Photography – Glossy and colorful pictures will always grab Humans are attracted to what they see first before they make decisions about getting on board. Have lots of professionally taken photographs gracing your website now and then.
  • Keywords – Make use of When a word is highlighted and comes up in a search, readers will click on it to find out where it leads. Then they land on your website and stick around for a pleasant visit with you. They might even subscribe to your site.
  • Spruce Up Your Profile – Let everyone that visits your profile know who you are and what you care about. You should have a beautiful headshot of you, a link to your website, and a personal description. Let your followers be intrigued enough to find out more about what you do and what you have to offer. Avoid using fake aliases. If you want to engage people for business purposes, let them know your real name. This will create a connection and some level of trust in potential customers.
  • Write Descriptions Of Your Product That Are Catchy And Meaningful – Make it relatable and fun by giving it a catchy title and a friendly commentary that customers will find interesting. If you go all serious and scientific in your descriptions, people might not want to engage with you.
  • Make Sure You Are Reachable – You can include a chat option where customers can engage with you or someone on your staff and ask all the questions they have. Creating a rapport with potential customers gets you closer to making sales.
  • Make Use Of Tags – Whenever you upload a new design, make appropriate use of tags. Tag as accurately as possible so that not only will the tagged people find them, but their followers will also get an alert that they have been tagged on something. Then they will also give your product the once over, and you will have people talking about it.
  • Make Maximum Use Of Your Artwork – Let your creativity shine through. Blow it up, so nobody needs to zoom in to see what you have uploaded. Ensure that your transitions are repeated smoothly.
  • Colour – Color always gets attention. The more dramatic, the better. This is to get traffic to your website. Not many people will want dramatic colors in their living rooms. If you make use of a variety of colorways, you will get your work attracting many buyers.
  • Upload Frequently – Whenever you create a new design, upload it. Post new content frequently to keep your followers engaged and intrigued. Get a customizer to create new colorways of your work to keep it fresh and exciting.
  • Engage with your followers constantly and tag them to new content on the website. Also, follow users that you find interesting as well as those who are quite active on your site. This is another way of getting inspiration; when you see what others have that is different from yours and especially when you engage with them. Also, should they raise issues about your product, handle it positively and promptly. Criticism is good for growth.
  • Have an FAQ section on your website, which has all the questions you expect your customers would have. You could gather some of the questions by asking your friends as well as engaging others who are in the same business as you.
  • Incorporate Videos On Your Website – For instance, if a house or office has used any of your designs, make a video of it, and interview the customers. Their satisfaction is sure to rub off on your followers and push some to give your designs a try.

Selling your unique designs would give you a lot of satisfaction, especially if your customers will receive your creation. You must, however, stay on top of your game by constantly challenging yourself and coming up with new creations as often as you can. Think of a musician; however big and famous they may be, if they do not create new material, they eventually fall off the radar. It takes dedicated fans or their publicists to bring their names out to the public by announcing their birthdays or anniversaries of great hits.

Likewise, you could come up with one great design that floors everyone. However, if you stop at that, you might just be forgotten. Aim at creating an empire with your designs and keep them coming. Keep your website busy with new work. You could borrow a leaf from the big fashion design houses who employ fresh young talent to inject the place with new original ideas every so often. There is no reason why you cannot have a few creatives working for you and creating with you.



  • You have the freedom to create what appeals to you.
  • You are your boss, and you call the shots.
  • You are in a position to create employment for others. You may need content creators and artists that you can work with.
  • You have an opportunity to nurture fresh talent and open doors for them to go it alone too.
  • Filling a gap in the industry by providing a unique product that was not available before
  • The opportunity to add to the artistic grandeur that already exists
  • The opportunity to let your creative tendencies roam free

Do not underestimate the impact freebies and offers can have on your profit margin. You can have some giveaways like a free batch for every three batches bought.

Something else that could work in your favor is to have a tutorial on your website for your specific designs. Sometimes people have very little knowledge when it comes to wallpapers and how to hang them. If you have specific instructions concerning any of your wallpaper designs, do a tutorial for it. You could even include a recording with the purchase and encourage the client to follow the instructions therein. Also, if you have any tricks up your sleeve that can make it easier for your customers, include them in your tutorial.

Learn as much as you can from industry players by examining their strategies and borrowing or improving upon what you find, as well as finding information by checking out Tapet fra or other sites that offer similar products.

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