Creating a Gothic Home: A Few Suggestions


“Goth” is a favorite of homemakers who want their homes to reflect a distinctive style. Victorian Goth is an unadulterated juxtaposition of elegance and playfulness. It conveys class and mystery at the same time. Homes with gothic décor and architecture are a favorite with the letting agents in Slough because they are highly popular with modern homebuyers as well. Wonder how to render that Gothic touch to your abode? The tips offered below might be of help. Read on to find out.

Introducing Goth: Starting right from Scratch

Gothic Home Decor
How to introduce the Gothic elements to your living space? Creating a Gothic home is not only about acquainting yourself about Gothic décor items but placing them in the right fashion as well. There are magazines and lifestyle channels to tell you about these items, but the key is to comprehend the real essence of Goth. That won’t happen if you are not studying a bit about the history of Goth itself. The Gothic style earned popularity in the twelfth century as well as in the Victorian Age. This particular style combines refinement and mysticism at the same time. At the heart of the Gothic style of décor are heavy furniture items rendered in darker hues. Besides the darker colors, the earthen tones (like terracotta and brick) can also be tried out. A Gothic room is unmistakably associated with drama – not a great choice for a relaxing bedroom. However, the charm of such a place can do wonders for you.

Gothic-Victorian: An Amalgam of Class and Distinctiveness

Victorian Gothic Home Decor
For that perfect Victorian touch consider adding wallpapers to your Gothic haven. There is no shortage of patterns that you can explore to secure several style statements. A traditional Victorian style can be achieved with the help of brocade and damask patterns. A velvety texture, on the other hand, will render both drama and elegance to your house. Wallpapers are inherently bold choices that everyone might not be comfortable. If you are one of them, then settle for bolder paints (instead of wallpapers) to add that unadulterated Victorian flair to your home.

Wood and Stone: We’re talking pure Goth here!

Wood and Stone Gothic Home
Let us not forget that both wood and stone are essential materials to consider. They made for an intrinsic part of the Gothic homes. A bed crafted from dark wood, the use of wood panels coupled with subtle light might do wonders for you. Settle for coordinated nightstands as well.

Leave your mark

Gothic attributes
While there is no shortage of resources to help you with your exploits (meaning, decking up your home here), you should be prudent enough to incorporate your own ideas instead of following designs blindly. Your personal space should spell your personal taste. Never lose touch with your creative side and never be afraid to experiment. Try out different styles in your head. Try to leave your mark with the smallest of décor items. Make sure your personal space is the combination of the dominant Gothic attributes and your personal touch.

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