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There is a saying; you only get one chance to make a good impression. You will agree with us this is quite true in a lot of things. An entrance hall is one such thing. It is crucial to have an entrance hallway that is not only welcoming but also one that conveys to the world your tastes and preferences.

After a long day at work, you want to go home to a welcoming sight. Your hallway should have such an effect on you, a soothing calming effect after a hectic day.

It should be pleasing to look at, comfortable and immediately set the tone for what is to be expected in the rest of the home. In this piece, we share with you our favourite tips for creating an inviting entrance hall.

  1. The Colour Choice is Important

This is an essential aspect of any entrance hall; it speaks more than any other element. You can choose to have the same colours in your hallway as those in your interior or have something different. However, it is essential to avoid using dull colours at the entrance hall. Go for something a bit vibrant and inviting.

  1. Consider An Exciting Floor Design

This is another crucial element that is, however, often overlooked. It creates a brilliant visual opportunity for anyone visiting your home. Whichever material you use for your flooring ensure that it is impressive. A beautiful high-quality mat is a must-have. This is the last thing your guests will see and step on before they step in. A bad looking rug instantly creates a negative mood.

  1. How About Somewhere to Sit

If you have plenty of room, then it is a cool idea to have a chair or a bench with colourful cushions to relax on. Such an entrance brings out the impression of a homely environment. You can use this sitting space as a place to change your shoes instead of having to struggle as you hang on walls. Older family members and friends will appreciate this a lot. This is particularly ideal for homes that have a no-shoe rule in the house.

  1. Storage Area to Keep the Hallway Nice and Neat

We have just touched on the issue of homes that have the no-shoe rule in their houses. For such, then a storage space needs be included in the design. There is nothing worse than walking into a beautiful home only to be greeted by the sight of a pile of shoes, which you have to hop and skip over to get in.

A nicely done shoe rack would be a great idea. In case that is not available, then you can buy a large basket where shoes can be kept instead of having them lying all over the entrance hall.

  1. Hallway Lighting to Brighten Things Up

If the construction of your house allows it, consider having a window in your hallway. This will let in natural light and make your home have a warm, welcoming feel. In case this is not possible, consider having sidelights in the design to brighten up things.


With these tips, we firmly believe that you can transform your entrance hall and make it lively and inviting.

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