Creating Perfect Bandit Signs For Real Estate


Bandit Sign

When it comes to finding a cost-effective promotion and marketing tool for real estate, you can rely on a bandit sign. Most people are familiar with those small signboards posted on street corners with selling and buying messages. You can call it a smaller version of the billboards that are present high up on the roads. The bandit sign’s usefulness lay in its placement and established the first contact point between the real estate companies and buyers or sellers. Whether you place the sign on the ground or the walls, the displays are attention-grabbing for drivers passing by the road.

The following points present a snapshot of bandit signs for real estate marketing.

  • When designing a bandit sign for real estate marketing, you need to incorporate creative skills.
  • You are likely to come across those yellow-colored signs at the corners of the roads, but change the font, color scheme, and borders to create a unique sign that appeals to the target audience.
  • The bandit sign’s marketing message is usually basic and simple and suggests the motto of establishing contact with the real estate service.
  • The sign’s preferred material is a corrugated plastic board as it is lightweight, cost-effective, durable, and weatherproof.
  • As the signs target motorists, they must highlight the basic message in bigger fonts and contact information. The motorists are unlikely to go to the depth of the message, so it is the variation of the message that matters.
  • The bandit sign is one of the basic marketing campaigns that all investors need to establish a community presence.

When designing the signs, drive around your local area to notice how they appear. Regardless of your decision, the messaging should be relevant, to the point, and emphasize the information you are eager to highlight. Apart from this, make the message easily readable. You can tack flyers into windshields or create a large banner-like structure to hang from the balcony.

Tips To Create Bandit Signs

If you want to create a bandit sign for promoting your real estate business, follow the points mentioned below.

  • You must put a phone number on the sign that is easy to remember and not traceable.
  • Do not put the name of the company or the owner on the sign.
  • When selecting a message, try to make it concise and relevant to your business.
  • Make the font of the message as bold and big as possible.
  • The message does not exceed a couple of lines without the phone number.
  • Using a bright and vibrant color scheme is essential.
  • If you are a licensed realtor, check with the board to determine whether you need to mention the representation.

Before placing the bandit sign, figure out the receiving leads, whether through calls or email. No matter which method you select for receiving the leads, there must be an appropriate system to receive the leads to monitor them and respond to them within the desired timeline.

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