Creating The Perfect Backyard For Summer Entertaining


Perfect Backyard For Summer Entertaining

With summer comes those long, balmy evenings, perfect for entertaining some guests in the backyard with a barbecue or dinner party. But the way your backyard is set out and decorated goes a long way towards a great event that will have your friends talking for days. Luckily, getting things ready for an outdoor shindig doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, either. Here we’ve rounded up some tips for creating the perfect backyard for summer entertaining.

You need to understand that simply putting across wires with lighting will create an ugly environment. No one wants to have a good time with wires and bulbs hanging dangerously over their heads. However, if you hire JVK & Sons to create an affordable deck in the garden, you will have adequate space to spruce up the lighting in beautiful and safe ways.

  1. The Seating Area

The Seating Area

The essential part of entertaining in your backyard has a comfortable seating area. Whether you’re hosting just a few select friends for a home-cooked meal or invited the entire neighborhood over for a barbecue, your guests need somewhere to sit and eat during those summer evenings. We recommend checking out Remarkable Furniture tables. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure that you use your space well – try to strike a nice balance between the seating area and garden as well.

  1. Adding In Some Atmospheric Lighting

Atmospheric Lighting

Part of any good summer party is atmospheric lighting that enhances those long, burning sunsets and brightens up the night. There’s just something about a backyard lit up with candles, lanterns, and fairy lights that makes it that much more inviting. String up some fairy lights or scatter some lanterns around the backyard, and it’ll transform your backyard completely. And when your guests vibe with the atmosphere of your backyard, you’ll all enjoy yourselves that much more.

  1. Keeping Things Fresh With Plants

Keeping Things Fresh With Plants

Plants are another winner for summer entertaining, bringing a touch of nature into your home. With just a few carefully selected plants, you can really make an outdoor space feel fresh and inviting. However, it’s important to differentiate between what can be planted in your garden and what should be kept in pots around the patio. But whatever you choose, we guarantee you won’t regret it. If you’re starting with potted plants, group them in a corner and try to use varying sizes for contrast.

  1. Bring Indoor Comforts Outside

Bring Indoor Comforts Outside

Summer evenings are temperate and refreshing, filled with warm breezes and mild temperatures. After a scorching hot day sitting in front of the air-con, it’s an incredible feeling to be able to spend an evening outside with friends. And it’s only made better if your space is filled with luxurious comforts you’d usually only find indoors. Add in plenty of big cushions, an outdoor rug, and set the table with some stylish dinnerware. Decorate the space with the same care you would like your inside rooms, and it makes for some beautiful summer entertaining.

  1. Elements Of Entertainment

BBQ Kitchen

Speaking of entertaining, a great idea to keep your guests entertained while you slave away over the BBQ or in the kitchen is by adding in a game. Things like lawn bowls, bocce, badminton are great at drawing your guests into getting up and about and provide an easy way to have a bit of fun once the drinks start flowing. And it’s also sure to be a memorable event if you hold a competition, as well.

  1. A Firepit Centrepiece

Add Firepit

The crackle of a fireplace and swirl of embers disappearing into the sky is straight out of a summer dream. As such, adding a fire pit into your backyard is the perfect addition for summer entertaining. Focus the party on this central point, make things nice and atmospheric, and give you something to roast marshmallows over for a tasty dessert.

  1. An Outdoor Patio Or Veranda

An Outdoor Patio Or Veranda

If your backyard is nothing more than a dodgy lawn with some weathered concrete paths, then adding in a patio or veranda will go a long way to making the space more appealing. Not only will it make for some better summer entertaining, but it also increases the value of your home. Any on the off chance that it’s raining when your friends arrive, you’ve also got somewhere to seek shelter.

  1. Adding In Some Decking

Adding In Some Decking

For the ultimate in style and finish, covering part of your backyard in a beautiful timber deck is sure to add some wow factor to space for some perfect summer entertaining. It doesn’t have to be timber either; if that’s not your thing, there’s also finished concrete, tiling, and plenty of other options. Different materials can really lend themselves to a specific vibe that you’re seeking and really take your summer entertaining to the next level.

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