Creative Ideas For Decorating Your Plumbing System


Exposed Duct Work

The plumbing system is a vital part of every building, whether it’s a residential building or a commercial one.

One of the most critical problems of plumbing systems is locating them, so they don’t get lots of space or make a bad eyesore.

This is especially bothering is old houses, making it difficult for interior designers and homeowners to decorate their homes. Of course, you can think of a renovation project and ask a professional plumbing company near your home to hide the pipes in the walls. But the truth is that this would be expensive.

So many times, we have to think about other ways to get rid of this problem.

In this article, we’ve come up with some great ideas for decorating your plumbing system and making it more beautiful.

  1. Let Guests See Your Pipes

The first and most daring move is to flaunt your pipes, and don’t worry about their reaction!

Making the exposed pipes stand out, of course, takes a lot of colour matching and a little bit of imagination. But remember that this is a lot easier than hiding all your pipes.

Neutral walls and earthy floors, for example, are a great match for black or metallic copper pipes.

With vintage furniture, a vibrant carpet, and a few antiquities or gorgeous potted plants, your living room will look amazing.

This décor, which is a popular choice among teenagers, might provide you with some inspiration.

  1. Create Some Shelves So That They Cover Your Pipes

Shelves may be utilized to hide exposed pipes while also providing additional storage space.

Depending on where the pipes are running, such as vertically down a little nook, you can buy or build a bookcase to hide them.

In this way, you can also build a customized shelf and fill two needs with one deed. First, cover your pipes, and second, make more room for your things.

For example, the shelves may then be used to store books, photo frames, souvenirs, and anything else that will completely obscure the fact that there is piping beneath it.

  1. Use Colors Or Other Paper Covers To Make Pipes Beautiful

Another excellent pipe decoration tip is to cover them and make them appear to be part of the landscape.

For example, if you have wallpapers, seaside scene paintings, an anchor on the wall, and so on, a rope might be utilized to cover these exposed pipes and look amazing. This is ideal for people who enjoy traditional lifestyles or artistic décor.

If you’re working on a child’s room, such as a tiny girl’s, you may paint them or wrap them with candy-cane-themed fabric.

A green cover might also be an excellent alternative for individuals who enjoy plants and keep them in vases at home. If you hang your plants on the pipes, the combination may be fantastic.

  1. Don’t Forget Modular Blocks

Using modular blocks from various companies, you can conceal plumbing pipes or other obvious pipes in your home.

These blocks can be used for more than just covering pipes; they may be utilized for various purposes.

You can hide or cover your exposed pipes with a little imagination, making your home more stylish and useful.

  1. Make Your Pipes Do A Function

It’s easier said than done, and rerouting the pipes’ course may take some time, but it’s doable. The aloft railing is one of the favourites used to conceal exposed pipes.

Just be sure they’re not hot water or steam pipes that may scald your visitors.

You could even use ones that run horizontally down the wall to hold storage, hang potted plants indoors, or paint a mural on them that gets clearer as you move further away if there are enough of them.

The key is to think outside of the box! Just don’t tamper with fire sprinklers or anything else intended to be secure.

  1. Leave Ceiling Pipes Open To Make More Space

These pipes will usually be recessed into the floor’s support beams. You can’t remove them, but instead of putting up drywall to hide the pipes, you could paint them to make them appear prettier while keeping them exposed.

This will provide the sense of greater vertical space in the basement, making it more comfortable.

If you have a basement with a high ceiling, the same may be said about concealing ducting with a soffit.

Instead of sacrificing your amazing air space, you could use a creative duct, for example, galvanized steel, that doesn’t corrode and stays brilliant and keep it exposed.

In most cases, this will look better than a random strip of boxed-in piping.

Leaving wood beams exposed might seem futuristic or rustic, depending on how you play it. Install lighting between the beams and put extra boards between them to make it appear as if there are two or three times as many.

You can do a great deal without sacrificing vertical space. The psychological benefit of having that space is immeasurable.

Final Thoughts

Having pipes outside of the walls is not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re worried about aesthetic aspects, there are numerous tricks to use these pipes. In this article, we suggested some great ideas. Have you anything else in your mind?


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