Creative Table Napkins For Dining Table Décor


Pure Linen Dinning table Napkin

A dining table is a place where spicy and oily food is served, and our table napkins have to take the grunt of it as table napkins always get reminders of that sumptuous meal. Table Napkin, I am discussing about the white ones which we stubbornly keep on the dining table, knowing how stubborn they are of holding the stains.

Well, this post is for those people who don’t want to discard white table napkins or table napkins which have stains that otherwise are in perfect condition. Then here is the best way to salvage them through tie and dye napkin, which is easy to do.

Things You Will Need:

Creative Napkins

Napkins, Rubber bands, large bowl, plastic wrap, rubber, fabric dye, and rubber gloves.


Naturally Dyed Cocktail Napkins

Wash your napkins well and let them dry.

Wear rubber gloves, then mix dye according to product instructions. Then transfer to a bowl.

Pinch fabric in, and using rubber bands or thread, tie up the fabric at intervals such as it creates designs.

Submerge the tied napkins in the bowl of dye and let the dye seep in. Remove and then let it dry. The design will be better absorbed when kept overnight.

When dry completely, remove the rubber bands, and unfold the napkin.

Rubber bands would have left designs where the color didn’t dye.

Rinse the napkin with cold water until the water runs clear. This will remove excess dye. Also, use color fixes to ensure your guest’s hands don’t get the dye color on their hand.

You need to wash and dry as per the dye instruction.

After that, set the table with these new napkins and add to the décor of your dining table.

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