Creative Ways to Decorate Your Garden with Potted Plants


Pansy Pot
We all love a well-maintained and colourful garden and well-kept lawn, don’t we? While the lawn is a natural extension of the garden, there is absolutely no need to stop there. Pots of flowers and plants certainly pose as a nice way to add interest to your garden. The options are practically endless as you can use pots and containers of all colours, shapes and sizes. You can unleash your imagination, but our unique garden decoration ideas with potted plants will give you a nice head start.

The Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden
Who says potted plants should be placed horizontally only? Creating a vertical garden certainly is a nice way to spice things up a little bit and beautify your old worn fence. For the purpose you only need to screw a few hooks on your wooden fence to hold the pots in place. Experiment with different types of potted flowers like petunias, dahlias, red poppies and alyssum. The sharp colour contrast will certainly draw the attention of neighbours and passers-by alike.

Hanging Flower Pots

Hanging Flower Pots
Hanging baskets and pots of flowers are an excellent idea if you aim at creating a vibrant effect of cascading flowers. The options here are practically endless. You can hang the pots on the branches of trees or on the beams of your porch. You can screw hangers on the beams or branches. Of course, you will need something to place the pots in, so that you can attach them to the hangers. Thankfully, DIY macramé hangers are an easy, budget-friendly option, you can easily craft on your own. For the purpose, you will need yarn, a pair of scissors, a ring, and measuring tape. Measure and cut the yarn to your length of choice and tie the cut ends around the ring. Place the flower pots inside and attach the ring to the hangers.

Create Contrast

Flower Pots Arrangement
If you have a few pots of good old-fashioned geraniums of different colours, you can easily experiment with creating contrast by arranging them in a specific way. For instance, you can try alternating pots with coral, lavender and scarlet geraniums to create a pattern that attracts attention and pleases the eye. Trust us, bold colour is the best and the easiest way to make a statement.

Pocketed Flowers

Pocketed Flowers
This certainly is a less standard idea, so if you insist on originality, do give it a try. All you will need for the purpose is an old canvas with compartments, if possible. Hang the canvas over your fence or over an old-shoe organiser. Fill the compartments of the canvas with dirt and plant less-demanding plants like ferns or wines inside. These plants are easier to maintain and will not require much of your time.

Potted Plants on Porch Steps

Potted Plants on Porch Steps
If you lack the materials required to recreate the above-listed ideas, you can easily arrange a few potted flowers on your porch steps. Experiment with pots of different shapes and sizes for optimal effect. Professional Gardeners London suggests to situate several curvaceous pots on the steps and place a few smaller rectangular containers in between to create a greater contrast.

Tree Stump Container

Tree Stump Container
This is yet another idea that will not require you to put too much time and effort in beautifying your garden, yet an impressive result will still be at hand. Provided that you have tree stumps in your garden, you can easily repurpose them into beautiful containers for your potted plants. This will lend a more natural look to your garden and will hardly cost you anything. For the purpose you have to hollow out the stumps, fill them with soil from your garden and plant some flower seeds inside. The easier option is to place your potted plants directly in the hollow stumps.

As you can see, lending a fresher, more original look to your garden does not require much time, efforts or money. All you need is imagination and enough motivation. As summer is already knocking on your door, feel free to bring your potted flowers outside and give the few ideas we suggested a try.


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