Creative Ways To Display Your Favorite Photos!


The famous photographer Chase Jarvis once said: “the best camera is the one that’s with you.” Because having any camera allows you to take pictures when the best opportunities arise. Most cellphones now come equipped with fantastic digital cameras built-in, and it’s easier than ever to capture our memories at the moment.

With as easy as it is to snap a picture at a moment’s notice, most of us amass a substantial collection of digital photos. Your photos might be stored on your phone, on a computer, or in the cloud. But what do you do with the pictures you like best?

Here are a few fun and creative ways to display your pictures and re-live life’s precious moments!

  1. Create A Photo Calendar

Photo Calendar

What were you doing at this time last year? Choose your favorite photo from each month of the year and create a memory album to convert into a calendar. Each month you can look back at fond memories from the year before. Once the year is over, the calendar will become a keepsake. If you do this every year, you will eventually have a great collection of photos with images from every season.

You might consider creating a special folder on your phone where you save your favorite photos from each month of the year. Once the time comes to create your calendar, it will be easy to sort and find the images you are looking for.

Costco and Walmart both offer the ability to upload photos and print a calendar with minimal effort easily.

Photo calendars also make a great gift! Especially family Christmas gifts, before the new year begins.

  1. Photo Books

Photo Books

Photo books from companies like Shutterfly are the modern equivalent of a scrapbook. You can easily upload dozens or even hundreds of photos, organize them in any way you like, and have them printed and shipped directly to your door! Furthermore, you can now instantly turn your photos from your Social Media gallery into stunning photo prints in just one click through online tools like PrintedMemories. Customizing your favorite preserved images has never been this easy!

Use photo books to capture special events, like a birthday, vacation, or family reunion. Or, gather photos over a period of time to help remember all of the special moments.

  1. Custom Portrait Painting

Custom Portrait Painting

Do you have a photo you love? You can convert that photo into a custom portrait painting! With companies like Instapainting, you can upload a photo, and a professional artist will paint the image on the canvas. This doesn’t need to be a stuffy picture of great-grandpa frowning that you hang over the fireplace mantle. You can choose fun and lively portraits or family photos to capture in a timeless artistic way.

  1. Digital Photo Frames

Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames are a great way to display your favorite pictures all the time! You can generally upload photos directly, or some can be controlled through a mobile app. Carefully organize your favorites, or dump your entire library of photos to be randomly displayed!

  1. Screensavers


Most of us are glued to our computers and iPhone screens. Saving your favorite photos as your desktop background or the mobile background is another great way to keep your memories alive.

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