Creative Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Facelift


How many times have you hit a roadblock in bedroom decor? You enjoy the comfort your bedroom provides, but it’s just time for it to have a new look and vibe. I believe everyone has hit that bump in the room from time to time, but luckily there are options out there that allow you to change the look of your room, without losing the comfort factor.

It’s perfectly fine if your bedding looks like it came from your grandmother’s house. It’s also ok if your light fixtures look like they were in their prime in the 70s. The point is, there’s always some solution to every type of problem. If you want to take your room from drab to fab, follow these tips and tidbits on how to give your bedroom a facelift.

Spruce Up Your Bedding

Spruce Up Your Bedding

What’s the first thing you see when you walk into your bedroom? Typically, it’s your bed. Your eyes are immediately drawn there. Let’s say your bed is very comfortable, but it just doesn’t have a look you’re trying to convey. Sprucing up your bed with new bedding is a great decor trick.

Glamming up your bed can be just like accessorizing an outfit. You know how there are outfits that people wear that give off a minimalistic look? Of course, but isn’t it cool how that entire look can change when you dress-up an outfit with diamond rings and earrings? Well, the same can be said about your bed.

You can opt for the minimalistic look, and accessorize your bed with decorative throw pillows and a blanket, or you can go all out and find a bedding set that also allows you to change the look and feel of your bedroom with ease.

Update Your Lighting

The selection process of table lamps for your bedroom is what gives your room a vibe. Ultimately, you want your lamp to give off a warm and inviting tone.

Incandescent lights are those lights we’ve used decade after decade. These are the lights that give a warm and glowing light. These lights are starting to fade away and be replaced with all of the new energy efficient bulbs. But for a warm and inviting feel, incandescent bulbs are the way to go. Remember, the bedroom is a place meant for rest…you don’t need a type of light that can disturb that.

Another way to update your lighting is to add a fresh coat of paint to your lamps. Spray paint works best. Remove the lampshade, and tape off the switch area and cord area. Spray paint the area between the cord and the switch. Doing this can also give your room a new look and feel.

Add an Accent Wall

Accent Pillows

Aside from your bed, an accent wall is the other immediate attention-grabbing detail of your bedroom. Your accent wall is typically a different color than the other walls in your room. It can be a single solid color, or it can be patterned.

Your accent wall is supposed to draw your attention as well as compliment the overall look of your room, so look at the other elements going on in your room to help you decide how to do your accent wall.

With an accent wall having a purpose of accenting a room, you want your wall not only to stand out, but you also want it so memorable. Try placing a big mirror on that wall or a piece of abstract art on it. Whatever you decide to do with that wall, make it pop.

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