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Curtains Design

When choosing the curtains for the sliding glass door, you need to consider the functionality and light penetration you desire before deciding on the window treatment. The sliding glass door is made up of two sliding panes of glass which create a large window in the area where it is installed. This is why you need to have curtains for privacy and less light penetration in the room.

Curtain Design Ideas

Curtains are considered decorative items and an option as cover to door or window to provide blockage to light and privacy purposes.

Here are some curtain ideas for a sliding glass door:

Single Panel:

Curtains Single Panel white

The large curtain, composed of a single panel of fabric, will provide functional purposes such as light blockage and even privacy. You can also use different fabrics to make a single panel curtain hang from an aluminum runner some 2 to 4 inches above the sliding glass door.

Curtains Single Panel

The thickness of fabric that is from light to medium and heavy fabric affects the penetration of light. Light to the medium can provide privacy function but allow some light penetration, and heavy fabric will completely block the light penetration.

A single panel curtain offers a solid barrier over the sliding door instead of other options covering a portion of the glass door.

Dual Panel:

French Door Panel Curtains

Dual Panel curtains which hang from either side of door offer functionality along with design opportunity. The dual panels are usually installed on a single aluminum runner above the door, allowing curtains to slide to varying distances from the doors’ sides. You can pull panels together and create a solid privacy barrier or pull them back to either side, which will look decorative. Dual panel curtains can be made from many fabrics, but heavy materials are typically used to provide the option of complete privacy and blockage of light.

Accenting Fabric:

Accent Curtains Design

Hanging on accenting fabrics around edges of sliding glass door provides decoration and does not block large window areas. This is a more common choice for homes in secluded areas which provide privacy without much use of panels. You can use fabrics from a typical aluminum runner and drape in folds to provide a very stylized design around sliding glass doors. Accenting fabrics can be of any material and can be aesthetic base curtains purely.

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  1. You really amazed me with your example of a single-panel curtain and how it can work for a glass door. I can bet that this will really elevate the style of that area, especially if we can get a bold color and design for that curtain as well. I’ll definitely pick up a window covering like that when I ask a door expert to install glass doors.


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