Custom Designed House Signs – A Way To Personalise Your Home Entrance

On August 1, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

It has recently come to my notice that many homeowners do not feel the need to invest in good custom house signs. Why? Maybe they are unable to think of reasons good enough to do so. Well, if you are one of those homeowners, let me enlist significant reasons to make you rethink your decision of not investing in custom house signs:

Custom House Signs

  • Your Home Becomes Easy To Spot: Imagine your online ordered parcel is returned because the delivery guy failed to locate your house. Relatable as well as annoying, right? This event is less likely to occur if all the houses have unique and custom house signs as those would make all houses easy to be located.
  • A Unique Personal Touch: Just like a name is the identity of a human, a nameplate is the identity of a house. The way you personalise your house sign, says a lot about your personality. It is like you let your custom house signs do the talking for you.
  • Provides A Welcoming Effect: It would be an understatement if I said that custom house signs make homes look warm and welcoming to visitors. A nameplate is an elegant way to roll out the red carpet to visitors even before the door is opened. It gives out good vibes at your doorstep.

Now that these points have convinced you to get a custom house sign, let me proceed to list down the points to be considered while designing one:

Custom House Signs

  • Your House: If you have a huge farmhouse or a bungalow, then the nameplate needs to be huge and should be put on the main gate or the compound wall where it is easily visible to any passer-by. In case, you own an apartment or a penthouse, it is advisable to put up a comparatively small nameplate on the door or the wall beside it.
  • The Location Of The House Sign: You need to decide where the house sign goes up. You always have 2 options: the wall beside the door or the door itself. There are no fixed rules regarding this. All you have to consider is the appearance. There is one point though – there are chances of the nameplate coming loose with each swing of the door. So, you may want to consider that factor before reaching a decision.
  • Colour Combination And Theme: Well, homeowners apply the same theme and colour combination scheme for everything that is designed for their homes then why not do the custom house signs. It is custom made for a reason. For example, if your house has a rusty medieval age look, you may want to go for a wooden plate designed that way as well. The way you use colour contrasts and combinations defines the outlook of the name plate as well as the entrance.
  • Do Not Miss Out On The Essential Information: Apart from the aesthetic effect a nameplate gives, you must keep in mind that is also a guiding board for visitors who come looking for your house as well as people like a postman and delivery boy. So, do not forget to put the house or flat number along with your name on the custom house sign. What is the point of a house sign if a visitor fails to locate your home?
  • The Fonts: You can go berserk while choosing the fonts and designs for your house sign. But then keep in mind to not choose too complicated fonts that end up to be illegible from a distance. The best house sign is the not only the one which has trendy fonts but is the one which is legible clearly from a distance as well.

These tips are the best guidelines you need to design a perfect sign for your home sweet home.

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