Customized Curtains Give House & Office Perfect Window-Treatment

On June 7, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Custom made curtains are the best ways to create a great fresh look for your home and office. This fabulous window treatment method is available in different varieties and it is flexible to suit every lifestyle and budget. You can stylishly integrate your choice of look, be it archetypal, contemporary or trendy and it can bring back any dull windows to life in a surprising manner.

Tips on Custom Made Curtains for Home

Custom Made Curtains

Listed below are some of the tips on custom made curtains for home:

  • Go for a curtain with white or pale yellow lining as this can reflect sunlight in the warmer months and keeps the room cool while in the colder months, it minimizes heat loss. In addition, it protects the fabric of curtain from fading.
  • Go for a floor-length curtain as this makes the interiors of the room look fabulous. However, for kitchen and bathroom, the custom made curtains should be stitched till the window sill. For windows with cabinetry or window seats, the curtains need to be stitched till the top edge of the window seat or cabinetry. In case of floor-length curtains, the proper length is about half an inch above the floor. This eases the work of mopping, cleaning and dusting without getting the fabric soaked or caught in the vacuum cleaner.
  • Arrange the curtains in a line on several fabric widths, when using floral fabric that make up each curtain pane. This will give a constant and unremitting pattern to the room.
  • Choose complete, lush curtains that are made from reasonable, plain cotton rather than the skimpy curtains made from exquisite silk as this imparts a feel of luxury and class.
  • For complete darkness within the room, you can go for the lined curtains and if you want light to penetrate the room, you can look for decorative, unlined curtains.
  • Choose silky rayon blends and the cotton sateen for a formal space while to impart a casual feel, one can look for the cotton blends.
  • Choose a color or a shade same like that on the wall; however, it should be 2 shades darker to give a perfect ambience.
  • Choose bold colors like blue, green, yellow, pink, red or violet colored curtains for decorating the kid’s room. These colors impart a feeling of liveliness and vivacity.

All these tips would help in making a perfect custom made curtain for the home.

Tips on Custom Made Curtains for Office

Curtains for OfficeSince office needs a more formal and a professional look; the requirement for making custom made curtains for offices have several other parameters that you need to consider:

  • Avoid colors like red, orange or yellow; instead you can go for the professional colors such as grey, white, blue, green, ash etc.
  • Choose a fabric that is light in weight and can reflect the light as in offices several electronic devices such as computers, Xerox machines etc. are present which can make the room warmer.
  • Choose lined custom made curtains rather than the unlined ones for offices. This is what will help in providing better privacy from the outside and moreover, provides a perfect professional look.
  • Hang the curtains high to give an illusion of height.
  • There are several areas in the office space where you are not allowed to drill or you may need to work with the plaster walls. In such circumstance, a tension rod can be used. This makes a great substitute as they are made up of springs that expand from side to side to hold the rod in place.

Curtain RepairsFinally, when having the curtains custom made to your preferences, you need to always consider the interior décor of the home or office. Thus, use the custom made curtains to give your home and office perfect window treatment.

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