Cut It Out – The Basics Of Concrete Sawing & Core Drilling Process


Concrete Cutting Expert

You are at the right place! Here we are already discussing the concrete cutting and the basics of the core drilling process. These processes generally involve minerals findings and converting the desired infrastructure in various forms.

A cutting saw is a sharp tool used for cutting concrete, bricks, tiles, and other hard substances. It is also used to convert various mineral rock or solid elements into stairs, decorative, floors, and counterparts.

Whereas the core drill is required to vanish the chamber of rocks while other object left is known as the core. For concrete cutting, this core drill process is known as Diamond Core drills.

What Is The Concrete Cutting Process?

It is a specialized process of sawing and cutting the concrete using sharp tools. The tool list comprises of the floor, rock, chain, and wet saws.

Whereas, it is also used to remove the concrete cores and to cut extended junction in concrete. Hence it is a process of creating reinforced circular holes for construction purposes.

What Are The Main Methods Of Concrete Saw?

The concrete saw is an expertise method used by concrete cutting companies. Hence these methods are five in number;

  1. Diamond Saw for accurate cuts
  2. Wire Sawing method used to cut edges easily
  3. Core Drilling; to expose spaces
  4. Concrete wall sawing; cutting concrete walls
  5. Flat Sawing for floors and plane surfaces.

How Is Concrete Cutting Performed?

The concreting sawing and cutting involve proper fixed steps that need to be followed with lots of care and alertness.

  • The first step is selecting the right place and preparing it by removing external debris.
  • Preparing the equipment is another step; floor saws, abrasive blades, cutters, shovel, and hammers.
  • That is highly recommended also to prepare the safety tools side by side.
  • Start cutting after preparing all the tools
  • Then again later the line cut is finished, the machine starts breaking the concrete
  • Then the work is almost done if the concrete remains are removed and cleaned.

What Are The Core Drilling Services?

The core drilling is a circular cutting of concrete and helping to saw afterward. It uses the annular cutter for metal drilling while diamond core drill technique is also very famous for cutting the hard rocks.

It is making a hole in the core to make the cutting work easier and directional for further decision.

How Does Professional use core Drill?

First of all, the profession selects the best core drill according to the work they need from it. Then basically it is a proper measurement of hole’s diameter, as for smaller holes human resources is enough but a more significant dig a particular machine is needed.

First of all, before any drill planning a proper strategy is needed then again, it is essential to identify any underground utility. As this method can severely damage the underground construction, so experts’ advice is mandatory and Cut It Out – Concrete Sawing & Core Drilling, Brisbane has immense experience about this.


  1. It was really helpful when you said that a concrete cutting company can have many methods for sawing concrete. I’ve been needing to make some custom concrete blocks and I haven’t been able to do that on my own. Maybe I should get in touch with a professional that can really help make my landscape shine.


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