Cute Wall Colour Ideas For The Children’s Room


Children’s rooms are the place where their imagination runs wild! There they can play, learn new things, and experiment with new ideas every day. Finding an inspiring color scheme for your child’s room will contribute to developing their cognitive skills and abilities, even at a young age. Besides, exciting patterns and geometric wall models will boost their imagination and stimulate their minds.

Solid colors can be entertaining, but a dynamic color scheme is more likely to create a fun, inspiring color scheme. They are also more likely to help kids sleep better and create a perfect playing area.

With all that in mind, let’s see which are the cutest color ideas and designs to make the most of your child’s room!

White Walls And Bright Windows

Kids Room Windows And Wall Colors

White walls are amazing because they offer the perfect background for splashes of color and many bright decorations. An impressive color scheme you should look into is a combination of white walls and lime shutters. Since parents usually have issues with finding the best window dressings, shutters make perfect choices. Besides, you can paint them in different colors, depending on the general design of a home or room. It is a great way to boost a neutral-looking room. If you want to carry some of the bright colors of your shutters to the child’s room, go for some geometric models in the same color as the shutters. It will make the room appear more colorful and more significant. To play with the general design of the room furthermore, you can include decorative elements like dark-colored stars. These will bring the room together beautifully.

As for the furniture, you can go for white elements. These will preserve the neutral-looking design of the room for parents who go on the gender-neutral route.

Go For Two Shades In The Same Tone

Go For Two Shades In The Same Tone

For a balanced room design, try to go for two different colors in the same tone. For instance, a light lime color will go perfectly with a delicate baby blue shade. To make the colors pop up even more, try to add an accent between the two; try to separate them somehow. For instance, a white tone will work like a charm between the two. Such colors will look incredible next to each other.

Opt For Patterns

Child's Room Pattern

If you want to give a kick to a child’s room, there’s nothing better than creating your patterns. Instead of choosing wallpaper, which comes in pre-established designs, ask your team of professional painters does recreate a design you like or to come up with a unique one!

For a balanced room, go for up to four colors. A right and balanced combination would be a pattern consisting of red, grey, and some pastels: light blue and light yellow. It will offer more dimension to your child’s room, and it’s so easy to achieve. When creating geometric patterns, you can get your children involved as well. You should delimitate the design as you want it to turn out with painter’s tape and let them fill in the shapes with the chosen colors.

Grey Tones

Grey Tones

Grey tones are amazing because they offer the best background to get creative with your child’s room decorations and furniture. Besides, grey shades make the perfect choice for older children’s rooms. They tend to be moodier and indecisive, so give them the ideal background to express their personalities.

Grey shades are relatively elegant and seem to please different generations. For the best results, go for different grey shades for different walls. A great idea would be to emphasize the sleeping area with a darker shade and the play and studying areas with lighter hues of grey.

On the dark grey wall, put up some artwork to brighten up space. In terms of decorations, go for bright colors. It will make the room livelier and more playful.

When your child grows up, please give them the freedom to choose their artwork, posters, and decorations and personalize the space accordingly to their preferences.

Soothing Pastels For Energetic Children

Soothing Pastels For Energetic Children

For younger children, including newborns, pastels can be soothing and relaxing. Mellow hues of green, blue, and turquoise make perfect choices, and they have been proven to have a relaxing effect on children of all ages. To make sure your baby is safe, go for eco-friendly paints. Some even have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which makes them perfect choices for newborns’ rooms.

Again, you can go for different shades of the same color. For instance, deep green and light, muted green can go perfectly together in such spaces. Make sure to coordinate your bedding choices and your decorations with the color of the walls. It will create a coordinated color scheme, which will work on soothing your energetic baby even more.

A Contemporary Touch

A Contemporary Touch

For homes decorated in a contemporary fashion, going for a modern look for a child’s room, as well, is a good idea. To bring this idea closer to your child, we recommend going for bold painting patterns. It will make boxy rooms appear more prominent and more generous. Take the contemporary look to the floor, too. Create a captivating, geometric design pattern, but keep it simple and neutral—play on bold wall colors, like red and black. You may think these are unusual colors for a child’s room, but once you see the results, you’ll be amazed by the effect it creates. For a contemporary look, paint two walls in your child’s room in a deep red. The wall where your child’s bed is placed, split in two, horizontally. Apply black paint on the bottom half. As for the floor, go for a geometric pattern in white or beige. It will create a contrasting effect with the bold walls and will make the whole room seem bigger.

Painting a child’s room should be a thrilling, entertaining process. Because your child will spend most of their time in it, make sure it fits their personality and temper.


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